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Closed RFP RFQ

RFP RFQ NoSubjectOpenUpdatedClosesDocuments
2010-001Improved Indoor Air Quality Pilot Project at Six Bayview Hunters Point Schools5/20/20105/26/20106/30/2010RFP 2010-001(60 k PDF, 10 pgs)
South Coast AQMD Schools Air Filtration Study 10 23 09(1 Mb PDF, 78 pgs)
2010-003Commercial Real Estate Broker4/21/2010N/A5/12/2010RFP 2010-003 Commercial Real Estate Broker(44 k PDF, 7 pgs)
2010-004Develop Detailed TAC and PM Emissions Inventory for the Bay Area3/18/2010N/A4/15/2010RFP 2010-004 Develop Detailed TAC and PM Emissions Inventory for the Bay Area(596 k PDF, 14 pgs)
2010-004Develop Detailed TAC and PM Emissions Inventory for the Bay Area ResponseN/A4/5/2010N/ARFP 2010-004 Develop Detailed TAC and PM Emissions Inventory for the Bay Area Response(18 k PDF, 4 pgs)
2010-005Cost Recovery and Containment Study RFP 7/8/2010N/A8/9/2010RFP 2010-005 Cost Recovery and Containment Study Final(42 k PDF, 10 pgs)
2010-006Front Desk/Building Security RFP10/21/2010N/A11/22/2010RFP 2010-006 Security(215 k PDF, 9 pgs)
2010-006 Security RFP- Questions and Answers11/17/201011/17/2010N/AQuestions and Answers for RFP 2010(156 k PDF, 2 pgs)
RFP 2010-007AV System for Webcasting12/6/201012/6/201012/30/2010RFP 2010-007 AV System for Webcasting(94 k PDF, 9 pgs)
2010-008Public Engagement and Policy Plan12/23/20101/19/20111/21/2011RFQ 2010-008(3 Mb PDF, 18 pgs)
RFQ 2010 008 Updated Q&A 011911(57 k PDF, 4 pgs)
RFP 2010 008 bidders conference presentation(1 Mb PDF, 13 pgs)
RFQ 2010-008 Bidders Conference Sign In Sheet(47 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2010-009Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment12/9/201012/28/20101/5/2011RFP 2010-009(51 k PDF, 10 pgs)
RFP 2010-009 EVSE Program Presentation(834 k PDF, 32 pgs)
FAQ and Responses to RFP 2010-009 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - 010311(175 k PDF, 5 pgs)
2011-001TFCA Audit FYE 20102/23/20113/7/20113/14/2011RFP 2011-001 TFCA Audit FYE 2010(155 k PDF, 15 pgs)
RFP 2011 001 Additional Information(49 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2011 001 Audit Summary Report 2008(2 Mb PDF, 58 pgs)
RFP 2011-001 Sample Individ Audit Report(351 k PDF, 14 pgs)
RFP 2011 001 Sample Individual Audit Report -TFCA Regional Fund 2008(289 k PDF, 8 pgs)
2011-003CBRE RFP Real Estate Purchase3/14/2011N/A4/1/2011CBRE, RFP, Real Estate Purchase(190 k PDF, 13 pgs)
2011-004Innovative Ozone Mitigation, San Joaquin Valley Air3/18/2011N/A4/8/2011RFP 2011-004 Innovative Ozone Mitigation San Joaquin Valley Air(119 k PDF, 20 pgs)
2011-005RFP for Janitorial Services 4/15/2011N/A5/13/2011RFP 2011-005 Janitorial Services_final(230 k PDF, 9 pgs)
2011-007Bicycle Parking Infrastructure Project8/11/20118/11/20119/6/2011RFP 2011-007 Bicycle Parking Equipment(48 k PDF, 12 pgs)
RFP 2011-007 Question and Answer(92 k PDF, 5 pgs)
RFP 2011 007 Cost Proposal Summary Template(12 k XLSX)
2011-008Building Security Services8/19/20118/19/20119/12/2011RFP 2011-008 Building Security Services(39 k PDF, 9 pgs)
RFP 2011-008 questions_answers(84 k PDF, 1 pg)
2011-009Armed Guards for Willow Street8/19/20118/19/20119/12/2011RFP 2011-009 Armed Guards for Willow Street(30 k PDF, 7 pgs)
RFP 2011-009 questions_answers(87 k PDF, 1 pg)
2011-0102004 Drayage Truck11/14/201111/15/201111/28/2011RFP 2011-010(293 k PDF, 13 pgs)
RFP 2011-010 Questions & Answers(288 k PDF, 5 pgs)
2012-011 Drayage Truck 2005-20065/24/20126/11/20126/13/2012RFP 2012-011 Drayage Truck 2005-2006(296 k PDF, 14 pgs)
RFP 2012-011 Drayage Truck Q&A(260 k PDF, 1 pg)
2012-001Lawn Mower Replacement Program1/12/20124/2/20124/25/2012RFP 2012-001 Lawn Mower Replacement Program(287 k PDF, 16 pgs)
2012-001Bay Area Lawn Mower Replacement Program10/23/201211/15/201211/26/2012RFP 2012-001 Lawn Mower Replacement_revised(282 k PDF, 16 pgs)
RFP 2012-002Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan Development1/13/2012N/A2/3/2012RFP seeking PEV Consultant(456 k PDF, 28 pgs)
Appendix 1(153 k PDF, 25 pgs)
Appendix 1(209 k PDF, 39 pgs)
2012-002 PEV Readiness - Presentation to Bidders(1 Mb PDF, 14 pgs)
PEV Readiness Pre-Bidder's Conference Q&A(151 k PDF, 3 pgs)
2012-004Photocopier Service and Maintenance2/2/2012N/A2/21/2012RFP 2012-004 Photocopier Service and Maintenance(382 k PDF, 6 pgs)
2012-005Regional Bike Share Pilot Project2/9/20123/13/20123/21/2012RFP 2012-005 Regional Bike Share Pilot Project UPDATED 031212(410 k PDF, 19 pgs)
Appendix A -Technical Specifications(358 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Appendix B -Bike Share Operations(189 k PDF, 5 pgs)
Appendix C -Proposer DBE Info.(33 k PDF, 2 pgs)
Appendix D -Disclosure of Lobbying Activities(123 k PDF, 4 pgs)
Exhibit I - Notice to Proposers(270 k PDF, 4 pgs)
Exhibit II - Applicable Provisions(209 k PDF, 12 pgs)
PreBidders Conference Attendence(341 k PDF, 4 pgs)
PreBidders Conference Presentation(2 Mb)
RFP 2012-005 List of Potential Station Locations(58 k XLSX)
RFP 2012-005 Description of Siting Work(214 k PDF, 3 pgs)
San_Francisco_proposed_station_map(1 Mb PDF, 1 pg)
SPUR Presentation: SFMTA(3 Mb PDF, 22 pgs)
SPUR Presentation: VTA(1 Mb PDF, 9 pgs)
SPUR Presentation: BAAQMD(2 Mb PDF, 13 pgs)
Bike Share Questions and Answers UPDATED 030712(389 k PDF, 16 pgs)
2012-006Advertising Services2/24/20123/2/20123/7/2012RFP 2012-006 Advertising Services(258 k PDF, 11 pgs)
Appendices(582 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Notice to Proposers(275 k PDF, 3 pgs)
RFP 2012-006 Question and Answer(196 k PDF, 4 pgs)
2012-007Commercial Real Estate4/13/20125/1/20126/28/2012RFP 2012-007 Commercial Real Estate(368 k PDF, 9 pgs)
RFP 2012-007 Agenda Pre-Bidders Conference(210 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2012-007 PreBidders Conference Question and Answer(328 k PDF, 2 pgs)
2012-009Community Outreach5/1/20125/15/20125/18/2012RFP 2012-009 Community Outreach(234 k PDF, 9 pgs)
RFP 2012-009 Question and Answer(81 k PDF, 1 pg)
2012-010Website Rebuild and Redesign5/7/20125/15/20125/21/2012RFP 2012-010 Website Rebuild and Redesign(226 k PDF, 10 pgs)
RFP 2012-010 Website Rebuild and Redesign Question and Answer(194 k PDF, 2 pgs)
2012-012Bicycle Parking Infrastructure5/22/2012N/A6/5/20122012-012 Bicycle Parking Infrastructure(259 k PDF, 11 pgs)
RFP 2012-012 Cost Proposal Summary(12 k XLSX)
RFP 2012-014Peer Review for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan 9/4/201210/16/201210/29/2012RFP 2012-014 PEV Readiness Plan Peer Review(375 k PDF, 10 pgs)
Appendix I: U.S. Department of Energy Solicitation(153 k PDF, 25 pgs)
Attachment 2 - DOE Sample Plan Outline (81 k PDF, 2 pgs)
Attachment 3 - PEV Readiness Plan - Outline(130 k PDF, 4 pgs)
RFP 2012-014 Questions and Answers(282 k PDF, 1 pg)
2012-015CEQA Analysis Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan9/20/2012N/A10/10/2012RFP 2012-015 CEQA Analysis for PEV Readiness Plan(516 k PDF, 20 pgs)
Appendix 1 DOE Required Plan Elements(85 k PDF, 2 pgs)
Appendix 2 PEV Readiness Plan - Outline(132 k PDF, 4 pgs)
2013-003Website Redesign and Rebuild3/27/20134/9/20135/2/2013RFP 2013-003 Website Redesign and Rebuild(472 k PDF, 13 pgs)
Appendix A - Sample Agreement(231 k PDF, 10 pgs)
Appendix B(207 k PDF, 1 pg)
Questions and Answers(200 k PDF, 1 pg)
Bidders Conference(199 k PDF, 1 pg)
2013-004Vehicle Buy Back Program - Dismantler Services3/25/20134/8/20134/12/2013RFP 2013-004 Vehicle Buy Back Program - Dismantler Services(447 k PDF, 25 pgs)
RFP 2013-004 Responses to Dismantler Questions(186 k PDF, 1 pg)
2013-005Vehicle Buy Back Program - Direct Mail Services3/25/20134/8/20134/12/2013RFP 2013-005 Vehicle Buy Back Program - Direct Mail Services(238 k PDF, 7 pgs)
RFP 2013-005 Responses to Direct Mail Questions(201 k PDF, 2 pgs)
RFP 2013-005 Sample Letter(102 k PDF, 1 pg)
2013-006Construction Management Services4/26/20134/26/20135/24/2013RFP 2013-006 Construction Management Services(95 k PDF, 7 pgs)
2013-006RFP 2013-006 Construction Management Services questionsN/A5/1/2013N/ARFP 2013-006 Construction Management Services questions(14 k)
2013-007CEQA Analyses for Air Quality Plans and Rule Development5/30/20136/12/20136/21/2013RFP 2013-007 CEQA Analyses(301 k PDF, 10 pgs)
2013-007RFP 2013-007 CEQA Analyses QuestionsN/A6/12/2013N/ARFP 2013-007 CEQA Analyses Questions(46 k PDF, 2 pgs)
RFP 2013-008Bike Share Asset Valuation10/16/201310/28/201311/12/2013RFP 2013-008 Bike Share Asset Valuation bidders conference presentation(2 Mb PDF, 20 pgs)
RFP 2013-008 Bike Share Asset Valuation Questions and Answers updated 10.25.2013(115 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2013-008 Bike Share Asset Valuation updated 10.28.2013(250 k PDF, 17 pgs)
2013-009DC Quick Charger Deployment Program9/25/201312/2/20136/2/2014RFP 2013-009 DC Quick Charger Deployment Program - Early Withdraw Notice(141 k PDF, 2 pgs)
RFP 2013-010Peralta Laney College Near-Road Monitor Site Work9/16/2013N/A9/30/2013RFP 2013-010 for Peralta Laney College Construction Drawings(933 k PDF, 8 pgs)
RFP 2013-010 for Peralta Laney College Near-Road Monitor Site Work(245 k PDF, 11 pgs)
2014-001Bicycle Rack Voucher Project2/20/2014N/A3/24/20142014-001 Bicycle Rack Voucher Project(250 k PDF, 10 pgs)
2014-001 Cost Proposal Summary Template(12 k XLSX)
Sample BRVP Vendor Contract(137 k PDF, 11 pgs)
2014-001 Questions and Answers - 02-24-2014(288 k PDF, 1 pg)
Pre-Bidders Conference Presentation 3-15-14(848 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Q&A from Pre-Bidders Conference Webinar 03-06-14(479 k PDF, 2 pgs)
2014-002Agricultural Waste Chipping Program5/1/20145/5/20146/2/2014RFP 2014-002 Agricultural Waste Chipping Program(223 k PDF, 11 pgs)
2014-003Air Quality Video Production5/6/2014N/A5/29/2014RFP 2014-003 Air Quality Video Production(205 k PDF, 8 pgs)
RFP 2014-003 Air Quality Video Production - Questions and Answers(420 k PDF, 3 pgs)
2014-004Web Maintenance and Projects5/7/20145/19/20145/22/2014RFP 2014-004 Web Maintenance and Projects(580 k PDF, 13 pgs)
RFP 2014-004 Web Maintenance and Projects - Questions and Answers(416 k PDF, 2 pgs)
Invitation For Bid 2014-007Construction - Berkeley Near-Road Montoring Site7/16/2014N/A8/13/2014IFB 2014-007 Construction - Berkeley Near-Road Monitoring Site(4 Mb PDF, 56 pgs)
IFB 2014-007 Berkeley Near-Road Monitoring Site Bid Worksheet(62 k PDF, 1 pg)
2014-009Website Content Manager8/25/2014N/A9/18/2014RFP 2014-009 Website Content Editor(378 k PDF, 21 pgs)
RFP 2014-009 Website Content Editor_Content Samples(134 k)
2014-010JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Upgrade9/29/201411/6/201412/4/2014Attachment A - Deliverables by Project Phase(264 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Attachment B-1 - Estimate of Costs Matrix(21 k)
Attachment B-2 - Estimate of Costs Matrix (Hosted Solution)(20 k)
Attachment D - Permitting Process(141 k PDF, 1 pg)
Attachment E - IRIS PS Interface(138 k PDF, 2 pgs)
Questions and Answers(445 k PDF, 10 pgs)
Attachment C - Custom Objects in PD7334 - Revised 11-6-14(113 k PDF, 8 pgs)
RFP 2014-010 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Upgrade(305 k PDF, 12 pgs)
2014-011Financial and TFCA Audits10/20/201411/21/201412/4/2014Audit - Assc. of Goverments of San Mateo Co. (281 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Audit - City of Half Moon Bay(284 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Audit - Regional 08R00-10R03(246 k PDF, 7 pgs)
Single Audit Report 2013(73 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Audit - Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board(240 k PDF, 7 pgs)
Audit - Alameda Co. Congestion Management Agency(330 k PDF, 9 pgs)
RFP 2014-011 Financial and TFCA Audits(458 k PDF, 20 pgs)
Project 3 - Funding Agreement 1(1 Mb PDF, 14 pgs)
Project 3 - Funding Agreement 3(2 Mb PDF, 40 pgs)
Questions and Answers - Updated 11-21-14(412 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Pre-Bidders Conference and Webinar Presentation(932 k PDF, 18 pgs)
2014-012Facilitation and Meeting Coordination for Bay Area PEV Coordinating Council9/12/2014N/A10/14/2014RFP 2014-012 Facilitation and Meeting Coordination for Bay Area PEV Coordinating Council(266 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Pre-Bidders Conference Presentation(654 k PDF, 14 pgs)
Pre-Bidders Conference Sign-in Sheet(65 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2014-012 Questions and Answers(335 k PDF, 4 pgs)
2014-014Website Content Language Translation12/1/201412/10/201412/19/2014RFP 2014-014 Website Content Language Translation(215 k PDF, 12 pgs)
RFP 2014-014 Revision to Answer Posting Date - 12-03-14(64 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2014-014 Questions and Answers - Updated 12-10-14(278 k PDF, 1 pg)
2015-001Community Engagement and Facilitation Services for Spare the Air Resource Teams1/5/20151/20/20151/30/2015RFP 2015-001 Community Engagement and Facilitation Services for Spare the Air Resource Teams(215 k PDF, 13 pgs)
RFP 2015-001 Questions and Answers(268 k PDF, 1 pg)
2015-002Advertising, Communication and Evaluation Services for Spare the Air Campaigns1/14/2015N/A2/4/2015RFP 2015-002 Advertising, Communication & Evaluation Services for Spare the Air Campaigns(236 k PDF, 12 pgs)
RFP 2015-002 Appendices - Federal Forms(679 k PDF, 20 pgs)
2015-003Job Classification Studies2/2/20152/26/20153/5/2015RFQ 2015-003 Job Classification Studies(180 k PDF, 6 pgs)
Questions and Answers(294 k PDF, 1 pg)
2015-004IT and Telecom Infrastructure Design and Planning3/26/20154/13/20154/20/2015RFP 2015-004 IT and Telecom Infrastructure Design and Planning(53 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Questions and Answers_04-13-15(66 k PDF, 1 pg)
RFP 2010-010Commercial Real Estate Broker12/6/201012/6/20101/3/2011CRE-Tenant_Rep_Services_RFP(581 k PDF, 36 pgs)
N/ARFP from California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative for Services in Organizing a Governor’s CEO Roundtable on Workplace Charging4/25/20134/25/20135/16/2013N/A
2010-003RFI 2010-003 Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Advisory Services Bidder's Conference1/14/20102/2/20102/5/2010RFI 2010-003 Real Estate Services Notes from Bidder's Conference 01.28.10(25 k PDF, 5 pgs)
2010-002Customer Satisfaction Survey of Human Resources Services1/12/20101/12/20102/3/2010Customer Satisfaction Survey of Human Resources Services(47 k PDF, 10 pgs)
2010-002Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions and AnswersN/A1/28/2010N/ARFP 2010-002 Customer Satisfaction Survey of Human Resources Services(7 k PDF, 1 pg)
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