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Conserving energy protects air quality and offers many environmental and economic benefits. By saving energy and reducing our energy intensity, (the amount of energy needed to produce a given economic output), we can protect the environment without sacrificing economic growth and our quality of life.

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RFP RFQ NoSubjectOpenUpdatedClosesDocuments
2014-010JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Upgrade9/29/201411/6/201412/4/2014Attachment A - Deliverables by Project Phase(264 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Attachment B-1 - Estimate of Costs Matrix(21 k)
Attachment B-2 - Estimate of Costs Matrix (Hosted Solution)(20 k)
Attachment D - Permitting Process(141 k PDF, 1 pg)
Attachment E - IRIS PS Interface(138 k PDF, 2 pgs)
Questions and Answers(445 k PDF, 10 pgs)
Attachment C - Custom Objects in PD7334 - Revised 11-6-14(113 k PDF, 8 pgs)
RFP 2014-010 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 Upgrade(305 k PDF, 12 pgs)
2014-011Financial and TFCA Audits10/20/201411/21/201412/4/2014Audit - Assc. of Goverments of San Mateo Co. (281 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Audit - City of Half Moon Bay(284 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Audit - Regional 08R00-10R03(246 k PDF, 7 pgs)
Single Audit Report 2013(73 k PDF, 12 pgs)
Audit - Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board(240 k PDF, 7 pgs)
Audit - Alameda Co. Congestion Management Agency(330 k PDF, 9 pgs)
RFP 2014-011 Financial and TFCA Audits(458 k PDF, 20 pgs)
Project 3 - Funding Agreement 1(1 Mb PDF, 14 pgs)
Project 3 - Funding Agreement 3(2 Mb PDF, 40 pgs)
Questions and Answers - Updated 11-21-14(412 k PDF, 8 pgs)
Pre-Bidders Conference and Webinar Presentation(932 k PDF, 18 pgs)


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