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The Air District maintains one of the most comprehensive air quality monitoring networks in the country, consisting of 27 monitoring stations distributed among the nine Bay Area Counties.

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Idling Trucks

Idling Truck Information:

Port of Oakland Truck Appointment Systems

The California Air Resources Board identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant in August 1998. Diesel particulate is linked to an increased incidence of lung cancer and non-cancer symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Since the adoption of California Assembly Bill 2650 in 2002, the District has been working cooperatively with residents, environmental groups, truckers, terminal operators and the marine industry to reduce emissions of diesel particulate matter by minimizing truck idling or queuing at Bay Area ports.

California Health and Safety Code (H&SC) Section 40720 requires marine terminal operators (MTO) in California that process 100,000 or more containers annually to operate in a manner that does not cause truck engines to idle or queue for more than 30 minutes while waiting to enter a terminal gate in order to deliver or pick up containers.

Under H&SC Section 40720(g), one option available to MTOs to mitigate or lessen truck waiting lines is to implement a scheduling or appointment system. Where this option is implemented, MTOs shall be subject to a fine only for trucks that make use of the appointment system and which idle or queue for more than 30 minutes outside the terminal gate. MTOs who do not implement an appointment system under H&SC Section 40720(g) shall be subject to a fine for all trucks awaiting access to that terminal which idle or queue for more than 30 minutes outside the terminal gate.

Access information for various MTO Appointment Systems at the Port of Oakland.

District Inspectors monitor MTOs at the Port of Oakland on a regular basis to observe truck idling and queuing. Inspectors also respond to complaints regarding idling trucks.
To report idling trucks waiting to enter a marine terminal at the Port of Oakland, you may call the BAAQMD at: 1-800-334-ODOR (6367)

Last Updated: 10/4/2010