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Motor vehicles are the largest source of air pollution in the Bay Area. Surprisingly, non-commuters make 75% of all automobile trips. An effective way for non-commuters to reduce automobile pollution is to Trip-Link, or to combine several small car trips into one larger trip.

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Russell City Energy Center


The District has approved the Prevention of Significant Deterioration ("PSD") Permit for the Russell City Energy Center on February 3, 2010. The effective date of the PSD permit is March 22, 2010.  Click here to view the permit, responses to comments, and associated documents.

The documents below are the documents pertaining to the proposal of the PSD Permit.  The permit was proposed on August 3, 2009.  A public hearing was held on September 2, 2009.  The District received numerous comments on the proposal.

The District’s proposal of August 3, 2009, was a revision to its initial proposal to issue a PSD permit in December of 2008.  The District held a Public Hearing on the initial proposal on January 21, 2008, and also received written comments from the public.  The District revised its initial proposal based on the comments received.

The Russell City Energy Center is a proposed natural gas fired combined-cycle power plant that would have a nominal output of 600 megawatts. It is proposed to be located at 3862 Depot Road, near the corner of Depot Road and Cabot Blvd., in Hayward, CA.




N/APSD Permit, Responses to Comments, and Associated documents
9/17/2009Comment Letters Proposed Revised PSD Permit Received After Comment Period Ended
9/16/2009Comment Letters Proposed Revised PSD Permit
9/2/2009Audio Transcript of Russell City Public Hearing in Hayward
8/3/2009Additional Statement of Basis for the Proposed Permit
8/3/2009Index of Public Permitting Record Documents(392 k PDF, 36 pgs)
8/3/2009Notice of Public Hearing and Notice Inviting Written Public Comment on Proposed Revised PSD Permit(42 k PDF, 1 pg)
8/3/2009Notice of Public Hearing and Notice Inviting Written Public Comment on Proposed Revised PSD Permit - Version en Espanol(36 k PDF, 1 pg)
6/23/2009Status Update 06/23/09(61 k PDF, 1 pg)
6/23/2009Draft Statement of Basis
2/25/2009Comment Letters
2/25/2009Comments Letters Outside
2/5/2009Transcript of January 21, 2009 PSD Public Hearing(319 k PDF, 115 pgs)
1/23/2009Notice of Extension for Public Comment Period(58 k PDF, 1 pg)
1/23/2009Notice of Extension for Public Comment Period - Spanish Version(65 k PDF, 1 pg)
1/21/2009Public Hearing(89 k PDF, 1 pg)
12/19/2008Corrected Notice of Public Hearing and Notice Inviting Written Public Comment on Proposed Amended PSD Permit(15 k PDF, 1 pg)
12/10/2008Corrected Notice of Public Hearing and Notice Inviting Written Public Comment on Proposed Amended PSD Permit - Spanish Version(17 k PDF, 1 pg)
12/8/2008Corrected Proposed Statement of Basis for Amended PSD Permit, Proposed Permit Conditions and Appendices(1 Mb PDF, 166 pgs)
12/8/2008Project Fact Sheet(50 k PDF, 6 pgs)
Last Updated: 10/4/2010