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Find resources for information about plug-in electric vehicles, charging stations, organizations supporting PEV adoption, and funding programs to expand PEV use.

Plug-in Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Charging Resources

Stakeholders and Organizations

These stakeholders and organizations developed other program initiatives to support PEV adoption in the Bay Area.

Other Funding Programs

The California Air Resources Board has developed a comprehensive listing of funding and incentives that are available to PEV drivers. These listing include links to federal tax credits and state rebates to help reduce the cost of buying PEVs, links to the California DMV’s White and Green decal programs that allow qualifying single-occupant PEV drivers free use of the carpool or High Occupancy Vehicle (HOVs) lanes, information about incentives offered by utilities to reduce the cost of charging at home during off-peak hours, and more.

To learn more about additional incentives, rebates, and perks, visit the following pages:

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