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Check out the Air District's new Spare the Air Youth website. 

STA Youth Program

Spare the Air Youth Website

The Spare the Air Youth web site was launched by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, in partnership with the Air District, to teach students about the benefits of walking, biking, carpooling or taking transit to and from school.

The web site is part of MTC’s Climate Initiatives Program, a partnership effort between MTC and the Air District to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. seeks to educate, inspire and empower Bay Area youth and their families to change transportation habits to improve air quality and reduce vehicle miles traveled, while also providing a regional resource for students, parents, teachers and program providers.

Spare the Air Youth works together with Spare the Air and Safe Routes to School programs throughout the nine Bay Area counties to promote collaboration and to support their outreach and encouragement efforts.

Every year the Spare the Air Youth program puts together a Youth for the Environment and Sustainability Conference.  Visit the Spare the Air Youth website for more information.

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