The Air District has provided grant funding to support the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the Bay Area.


In the Bay Area, the transportation sector accounts for more than 50 percent of air pollution, and more than 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Significant emission reductions from the transportation sector will be the key to clearing the air in the Bay Area and helping the region attain state and federal air quality standards.

Recent technological advances in electric vehicle, or EV, technology for zero- and partial zero-emission vehicles are a promising solution to meeting local, state and federal air pollution standards and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Providing funding to reduce the cost of clean EV technology for Bay Area residents and commercial fleets can eliminate both real and perceived barriers to widespread EV adoption in the Bay Area — by easing concerns regarding vehicle range and public charging accessibility and removing barriers to rapid and convenient installation of home chargers.

The Air District offers a variety of grant programs to promote electronic vehicle usage and deployment of the necessary charging infrastructure.  The Air District's PEV Ready website serves Bay Area residents as a clearinghouse for information on electric vehicles.

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