Smoking Vehicle

Assistance Program

Smoking vehicles can be hazardous to your health and the health of fellow commuters.

The excessive exhaust from smoking vehicles can irritate existing respiratory conditions and make you sick. Smoking vehicles emit more fumes and exhaust than well-maintained vehicles, and a good portion of this exhaust is inhaled by passengers in the vehicle. Children, the elderly and people with respiratory illnesses are particularly susceptible to the health risks.

The Air District encourages residents to call 1-800-EXHAUST (1-800-394-2878) to report smoking vehicles. Often, owners are unaware that their vehicle is emitting excessive exhaust and they may also be uninformed about the public health consequences. Calling 1-800-EXHAUST is anonymous.

If you receive a warning letter from us about a smoking vehicle, please take steps to fix the problem immediately. A warning letter is not a violation and does not affect your DMV record; however, you can be stopped and fined if your vehicle is caught emitting excessive exhaust.

The State of California administers programs that offer financial assistance for repairing or recycling your car. You can receive up to $500 dollars to repair your smoking vehicle, or up to $1,000 to recycle your vehicle.

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