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Learn about how the Air District’s Lab & Source Test sections measure and analyze samples from the monitoring network, field samples, and regulated facility emissions.


The Laboratory Section (Lab) provides technical services and support to Air District staff by analyzing a wide variety of samples for potential enforcement action. The Lab is also capable of analyzing a variety of samples during and after episodic events. The Lab occasionally participates in special projects in support of a wide variety of agencies and institutions to monitor air quality regionally and locally.

The Lab also performs analyses in support of USEPA, state and Air District programs to monitor air quality in the Bay Area and is audited by them, and other agencies in order to maintain exemplary quality control standards.  Public tours of the Lab are available upon request.

Source Test

The Source Test Section provides the expertise and equipment to determine the type and quantity of pollutants emitted from sources by sampling effluent streams. Quantification of pollutant emissions allows the Air District to determine if a source is in compliance with environmental regulations. Compliance is accomplished in a variety of ways; including, but not limited to, conducting analytical source tests, review and determination of acceptability of third-party source tests, conducting performance audits on Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) and Predictive Emissions Monitoring (PEM) systems, and performing compliance audits at gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs).

Contacts for the various types of source test performed by the Air District are as follows:

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEM & PEM)

William “Bill” Hammel
Senior Air Quality Engineer

Gasoline Vapor Recovery: GDF, Marine Loading and Terminals

Marco Hernandez
Senior Air Quality Engineer

Particulate, Metals, Wet Chemistry Testing

Bradley "Brad" Kino
Air Quality Engineer

Volatile Organic Compounds: Coatings, Solvents, Dry Cleaning

Elaine Ko
Air Quality Engineer

Outside Contractor Test Review (non-GDF Tests)

Tim Underwood
Principal Air Quality Engineer

Gasoline Distribution Facilities, Gas Station Testing

Hiroshi Doi
Supervising Air Quality Technician

General Information, Testing Questions

Charles “Chuck” McClure
Supervising Air Quality Engineer

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