Air District Operations

The Air District is taking steps to ensure Bay Area air quality and public health are protected while the shelter-in-place orders are in effect. Permits for businesses adjusting operations to aid in the public health response will also be expedited. Read more... | en Español

Air Quality Advisory

The Air District is issuing an air quality advisory for smoke for the far South Bay, including Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy through Monday, July 6. Beginning late Saturday, the Park Fire broke out East of Morgan Hill and air quality impacts are possible near the fire. Read more.

Emissions Inventories

Learn about the emissions inventories the Air District prepares for criteria air pollutants, greenhouse gases, and toxic air contaminants, for federal, state, regional, and local uses.

Emissions Inventories

Emissions inventories are essential for air quality planning and management. An emissions inventory is a detailed list of emission estimates for air pollution sources associated with specific activities for a specific time period. The Air District compiles regional and county inventories that estimate Bay Area emissions of criteria air pollutantsgreenhouse gases, and toxic air contaminants for past, present, and future years.  The Air District also periodically conducts special studies to improve emission estimates or to assess emission levels for certain source areas.

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Spare the Air Status
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