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SWITCH Maritime

SWITCH Maritime's flagship vessel is a first-of-its-kind 84-passenger, fuel cell electric "e-ferry" that is currently in the final phases of construction and will commence operation on a route between Oakland and San Francisco later this year. This project will have added benefits of creating work for 63 people while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diesel particulate matter for impacted communities around the Port of Oakland.

  • "The Air District's loan guarantee proved valuable in enabling mainstream capital to enter this cutting-edge project. Our hope is that this is the first collaborative effort of many between SWITCH and the Air District to help deploy zero-emissions vessels in the Bay Area."

    Pace Ralli, CEO of SWITCH

Gridscape Solutions

Gridscape Solutions focuses on deploying state of the art Microgrid integrated with EV charging solutions aimed at reducing overall energy cost for a site and providing backup clean emergency power during Public Safety Power Shutoffs or other power disruption events. The Gridscape microgrid system, proven in over 15 recent microgrid installations in California municipal and commercial facilities, has pioneered the product centric approach of a microgrid.

  • "I have been extremely pleased with the process, program and support that I received from BAAQMD on the Climate Tech Finance program. It actually filled a very important need for us to grow our business to the next level."
    Vipul Gore, President & CEO of Gridscape Solutions

Blue Planet

Blue Planet aims to sequester large quantities of CO2 from a North Bay gas-fired power plant, and distributing aggregate produced from CO2 and concrete recycling throughout the North Bay’s concrete Ready-Mix plants, becoming one of the most significant CO2 reduction measures in the Bay Area.


Electriq Power

Electriq Power is a smart home energy storage company that leverages world class battery and power electrics technology, plus their own proprietary firmware and software, to provide leading solutions for behind-the-meter power storage in single family homes.

  • "As a growing technology company, access to capital is imperative to support the future of our business. The team at The Climate Tech Finance program through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has been extremely supportive in helping connect us with financing partners to support our mission of developing energy storage technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."
    Jeff Besen, VP of Finance of Electriq Power



Intertie has developed a novel battery-boosted EV fast charging technology that can charge EVs at ultra-fast speeds anywhere while maximizing the local energy opportunity. A key innovation of EV ChargePod™ is its underground battery system that boosts charging power to avoid grid constraints and high demand charges. Its battery storage is coupled with an intelligent energy management system to reduce the building’s electric costs, provide backup power, integrate solar and earn grid revenues.

    "The Climate Tech Finance program has been a terrific resource for our company. Chad and George are fantastic to work with and bring a wealth of technical and financial knowledge. We were impressed by the team's ability to both understand our technology and immediately help us advance our commercialization strategy."
    Zander Mrlik, Chief Operating Officer, Intertie

Silverback Data Center Solutions

Silverback Data Center Solutions are leaders in Energy Sustainability for Data Centers. Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) replace the traditional CRAC/CRAH approach to data center cooling and can reduce data center cooling power requirements by up to 75%. By displacing traditional air conditioning equipment, these cooling doors, which are attached directly to the server room cabinets, can decrease carbon dioxide and fugitive hydrofluorocompounds (HFCs) emissions.


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Last Updated: 5/28/2021