Employee Commute Survey

Design and distribute an employee commute survey.

An employee survey will reveal the best commute options to promote and exposes pain points for your employees. Begin by asking employees about their current commute. Use the results to inform and refine your commute program.

Create Your Survey

Assure employees' responses are entirely confidential. Effective surveys include questions on:

  • How employees currently commute
  • Where they live
  • Commute modes they might be interested in
  • What restrictions they have with their commute (such as school drop-offs)
  • What support would help them

Use Multiple Modes of Collection

Include online, text, and paper-based surveys. Digital surveys are easier to analyze and save money, but paper surveys are essential to reach employees without regular internet access during the workday, including employees without a personal cell phone.

Promote and Distribute

  • Publicize the survey in multiple formats. Use graphics, online newsletters, posters, commute fairs, catered lunches, and posts on workplace channels, and have hard copies available for distribution.
  • Reward employees for completing the survey individually or create competition by awarding teams with the highest participation rates.

Repeat and Improve

Circulate your survey at the same time each year to measure progress from previous years and to look for improvement opportunities.

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Last Updated: 10/25/2021