Flex Your Commute

Flex Your Commute

The goal of the voluntary Flex Your Commute Pledge is the elimination of driving alone to work throughout the Bay Area. Transportation is the number one source of smog pollution, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gases in the nine-county Bay Area region.

Employees are willing to change their commuting habits when actively supported and encouraged by their employer. Encouraging your employees to commute by transit, carpool, or bicycle, or to work remotely, is good for your company’s bottom line and good for your employees. By helping Bay Area employees find a better way to work, we improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Employees benefit from extra time and lower commute costs. Employers benefit from lower employee stress, greater employee retention, and reduced hiring costs.

Employers and employees have learned a great deal while working from home. Companies continue to be productive, and employees have capitalized on the time they previously lost to commuting. Let us stay flexible so we can end driving alone to work.

By signing the Flex Your Commute Pledge, you agree to become a partner in the elimination of driving alone to work by:

  • Creating an employee transportation coordinator
  • Polling employees regularly to understand how they get to work and opportunities for change
  • Encouraging transit
  • Creating company-wide carpool connections
  • Promoting bicycling by providing bicycle storage and showering facilities
  • Allowing remote work for employees whose jobs can be done remotely
  • Offering flexible work schedules

One in four commuters say they have quit a job because of the commute, and alternative transportation options have shown to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Employers enabling commute alternatives report lower rates of staff turnover, reducing hiring and training costs.

By signing the Flex Your Commute Pledge, employers show they value their employees' time and health as well as the lasting public health of the Bay Area. 

Check this web page for the Flex Your Commute Pledge, which will be available soon.

Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program

Bay Area employers with 50 or more full-time employees in the Air District’s nine-county jurisdiction are required to provide commuter benefit options to their employees. The Flex Your Commute Pledge lays the foundation for future compliance as your business grows.

View compliance information about the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program.

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