Ergonomics, Equipment, and Human Resources

These resources include information on components and best practices for equipment and home office set up. 

Make sure there is a written mutual understanding of who is responsible for technical equipment and workplace arrangement in your telework policy.  


Technology and Equipment and Infrastructure, pp.45-49 (City of San Mateo) –

Table 6.1, found on page 46, outlines the best practices and equipment for telework.

Security and IT ( – 

“It is important to remember that just because employees are working from home or another approved alternate location, it is their responsibility to protect and manage the records and other sensitive information stored on telework devices and transmitted across external networks.” 

Ergonomics and Human Resources

Risk and Liability, pp.51-53 (City of San Mateo) –

“One of the primary areas organizations need to be mindful of is workers compensation. Since the teleworker’s home essentially becomes an extension of the workplace, workers compensation provisions apply.”

Home Office Safety Self-Certification Checklist, p.76 (City of San Mateo)

Official Worksite ( –

“Remote work arrangements raise various policy issues, including reassignment of official worksite, pay, and reimbursement for travel. Teleworkers and their managers should discuss and consider the implications of remote work arrangements so that everyone involved clearly understands the arrangement."

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