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The air we breathe in the lower atmosphere is not primarily composed of oxygen. Instead it contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and less than 1% gases like argon and carbon dioxide.

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415 749-4994

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Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program

Year 4 Goods Movement Program –  Diesel Equipment Program

The BAAQMD is not currently accepting applications for the Year 4 Goods Movement Program (GMP). The application cycle closed on Thursday, December 12, 2013. 

Application for Truck Projects

To assist participants with reporting requirements of CARB Advisory MSC #14-08, BAAQMD has posted revised preliminary ranklists for the 1st and 2nd solicitation groups for the Year 4 Program.  These revised ranklists show projects that are active and continuing with the Program as of July 1, 2014.  Fleets using “good faith efforts” to delay regulatory enforcement through June 30, 2014 must follow instructions on page 4-5 of the Advisory to avoid penalties (by CARB).  Fleet owners must update TRUCRS reporting status and print required materials by July 31, 2014.  Questions about requirements of this Advisory must be directed to CARB TRUCRS staff  (1-866-6DIESEL (634-3735) or email – BAAQMD staff are unable to assist.

Equipment shown on each ranklist has met basic eligibility criteria for the GMP; however, appearance on the ranklist does NOT guarantee that equipment will receive GMP funding.  Selection for funding is contingent on a full evaluation to determine if a project meets all GMP requirements, including passing pre-inspection, successful completion of CARB’s Proposition 1B compliance check, and availability of GMP funds.  Compliant and eligible projects that are ranked above the funding line (meaning, the point at which funds are exhausted) will be evaluated for contracting in the order of ranking.  At their own risk, owners of equipment shown on the preliminary ranklists are allowed to place orders for replacement equipment; however, BAAQMD will not allocate funding to proposed projects until the equipment owner fully executes a grant agreement under terms and conditions of the GMP.

Throughout 2014, staff will contact applicants with eligible and compliant equipment on the ranklists to inspect and contract projects.  Contracting cannot occur if eligibility or compliance requirements are not met.  If staff has requested the applicant to submit required or missing items for the project, applicants must do so quickly to avoid delays in evaluation or contracting. 

-  BAAQMD GMP Year 4 - On-Road truck project rank list, Solicitation # 1 (rev 6/30/14) 

-  BAAQMD GMP Year 4 - On-Road truck project rank list, Solicitation # 2 (rev 6/30/14)

Submit required materials for your project - Owners of equipment shown on the ranklist may upload required materials for their projects directly into the online system by logging into their accounts and clicking the Add Attachments button on the first screen (shows equipment table).  Materials may also be faxed to (415) 749-5020 or mailed to the BAAQMD office – please write your application (project) number or license plate of each truck on materials mailed or faxed to the office.  Mailing address: SID/ BAAQMD, 939 Ellis Street, San Francisco 94109.

Back-up list
– The only projects that can be funded through the Year 4 Program are shown on the ranklist. Not all projects shown on the ranklist will receive funding for reasons such as non-compliance with CA air quality regulations (including Truck & Bus Regulation), inability to show equipment meets all Program requirements, or lack of funding for the Program.

Regulatory compliance
- If staff notified applicants that their projects cannot be funded due to regulatory non-compliance, owners must work with CARB TRUCRS staff to correct fleet reporting problems. In mid-2014, ARB will review compliance for projects on the back-up list, and if found compliant, these projects will be offered a funding opportunity later in 2014.

CA Air Resources Board TRUCRS
information is available at TRUCRS or call 1-866-6DIESEL (634-3735) or email

All fleet owners are reminded to update CA Truck & Bus Regulation (TRUCRS) profiles whenever any change occurs in their fleet.  As of July 1, 2014, fleets previously using “good faith efforts” to delay enforcement until June 30, 2014 must update their TRUCRS reports and carry printed documentation in their trucks as required by ARB to avoid penalties.  For details, see CARB Advisory MSC #14-08.

If my truck is not on the ranklist, is funding available?
Funding is available for eligible trucks with GVWR 19,501 lbs or greater belonging to fleets of 10 or fewer trucks through the Voucher Incentive Program.  Funding opportunities change throughout the year – please check our website frequently for updates.

Updated project completion schedule - All projects contracted through the Year 4 Program must be completed (i.e., surrender old truck & purchase new truck) no later than December 31, 2014.  For new truck purchases and repower projects, grantees must submit the purchase order and ARB engine Executive Order for their project(s) no later than 90 calendar days after contract execution and for used truck purchases, grantees must submit documentation of undertaking the final purchase of an eligible truck no later than 90 calendar days after contract execution.

Fleet reporting and compliance requirements – This Program cannot fund trucks that are non-compliant with California air quality regulations.  All participants owning fleets subject to reporting or compliance actions under the CARB Truck & Bus Regulation must report, update and maintain compliance with this regulation for the duration of their participation in the Program.  Both the fleet and specific truck/s must meet compliance requirements.  Information is provided below about TRUCRS reporting (the reporting system for the CARB Truck & Bus Regulation) and staff may require fleet owners to document compliance status at any time.

Program funding - On July 25, 2013, the CARB Board allocated $9.9 million to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to administer Year 4 of the Goods Movement Program for heavy-duty diesel truck projects in the Bay Area, as described in the 2013 Program Guidelines.  The recent Executive Order combines these funds with recaptured Prop 1B funds to provide at least $14.5 million to reduce emissions from diesel-powered medium- and heavy-duty trucks that primarily haul trade goods on California’s major trade routes.  Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, whether or not the amount of available funds appears to be small, since additional funding distributions to the Air District are dependent on how many eligible projects are submitted.  Statewide, up to $150 million is available for the Year 4 Program.

If you have questions about the Year 4 Program, please contact (415)749-4994 (option 1) or

Year 4 Program Information 

The Proposition 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program is a partnership between CARB and local agencies (like air districts, ports, and transportation agencies) to quickly reduce air pollution emissions and health risk from freight movement along California's trade corridors.  CARB provides funding to eligible agencies; those agencies then offer financial incentives to owners of equipment used in freight movement to upgrade to cleaner technologies. For more information about the statewide Goods Movement Program, visit: or contact CARB at (916) 44-GOODS (444-6637), or by email:



Year 2 Goods Movement Program - Truck Projects


The BAAQMD is not currently accepting applications for truck projects for the Year 2 Goods Movement Program (GMP) and in January 2013 completed all contracting for available funds. The application period for GMP Year 2 truck projects ended on April 30, 2011 and all projects must be completed by May 31, 2013. If you have questions about a project contracted or funded through this Program please contact or 415-749-4994 (option 1).

As of January 1, 2013, all CA fleets of four (4) or more trucks were required to report and to comply with emissions reduction requirements for the CA Truck & Bus Regulation. Fleet owners of large fleets and small fleets (1-3 trucks, who may not have otherwise reported) who receive funding through the Year 2 Program are required to maintain continued compliance with this regulation. Any changes to equipment in the fleet (including the deletion of old trucks and addition of new trucks) must be reported. If you have questions about your fleet’s compliance or requirements, visit CARB On-road Truck and Bus Regulation, or contact TRUCRS staff at 1-866-634-3735 (1-866-DIESEL). 


Year 1 (2010-2011) Non-Port (On-Road) Goods Movement Program Truck Replacement and Retrofit Program Update


Project auditing and enforcement to begin in 2013
Since early 2012, District staff have worked with Year 1 On-Road Truck Replacement grantees to collect all required project materials, including the two annual reports that should have been submitted by February 2013. Grantees who receive a notice or request from Air District staff must respond immediately and resolve any outstanding issues with their projects to avoid penalties being imposed. During 2013, project audits and other enforcement activities will take place for any project found to have violated Program requirements or contract obligations.

Year 1 On-Road Truck Retrofit projects will be required to submit final project materials and final reports in October 2013. District staff will mail the required forms in advance: if your mailing address changed after you received payment for the project, please contact staff to update your mailing address. Non-compliance with reporting can result in penalties.

Year 1 On-Road Retrofit and Replacement projects are subject to the same 100% California-only travel restrictions and ownership transfer requirements as YR1 Port Truck Projects. Please see the Year 1 Port Truck Replacement section below for details.

If you have questions about your Year 1 On-Road Truck Program project, contact staff at (415)749-4994 (option 1) or


Port Trucks


The BAAQMD is no longer accepting applications for any funding of port (drayage) truck incentive projects. Owners of California port (drayage) trucks are reminded of the final deadline to upgrade engines or trucks operating in the state’s maritime ports or intermodal railyards – December 31, 2013 – after this date, engines must meet or exceed 2007 U.S. EPA emissions standards and trucks with retrofit filters will no longer be allowed in drayage operations. For more information about requirements for California drayage trucks, please visit: CARB Drayage Truck Regulation, or call 1-888-247-4821.


Year 3 Goods Movement Program - Port Truck Replacements


The BAAQMD is no longer accepting applications for funding. By April 2013, all grantees were mailed their first annual reporting packet. Grantees must complete and return the form (attached to DMV registration and proof of insurance) to the Air District immediately to avoid enforcement actions, including penalties (refer to the Grant Agreement for more information). Please be aware that if your contract requires 100% travel in California, you are not allowed to travel outside California with the new truck or to register with IRP plates. Also, any sale or change of registration or operational usage for a funded truck requires prior approval by the Air District.


Engine MY 2004 Port Truck Replacement Program


Grantees were mailed their first annual reporting packet in early 2013. Grantees must complete and return the form along with DMV and proof of insurance to the Air District immediately to avoid enforcement actions, including penalties (refer to the Grant Agreement for more information).

If you have not received your annual reporting packet or if you have questions about your project, please contact staff at (415) 749-4994 (option 1) or


2012-2013 U.S. EPA - DERA Truck Replacement Programs


As of April 29, 2013, the Program received interest letters from 312 equipment owners. During Summer 2013, District staff will work in the order of ranking to contract replacement projects and as any additional funds become available, will contract quickly to fill any vacated slots until all funds have been assigned. Grantees are reminded that time is very short to complete a DERA project before Fall 2013, and to work quickly to purchase eligible equipment and complete all required paperwork to avoid cancellation of their award. Project completion deadlines are stated in Attachment A of each contract and the Air District reserves the right to deny payment and terminate contracts if grantees fail to meet the required Program deadlines.


Year 1 Goods Movement Program – Port Truck Retrofit Program


Update - Air District to enforce penalties for Year 1 violations

Since late 2011, District staff have worked with Year 1 (2008-2010) Port Truck Retrofit grantees to collect all required Program materials and close out this Program. To-date, all Year 1 Retrofit grantees have been sent a mailing packet containing a Request for Final Report and Final Amendment that will allow BAAQMD to close out the Retrofit project. Starting in May 2013, staff have begun enforcement procedures for grantees whose projects are not completed and cannot be satisfactorily closed out due to non-response or non-performance.

Enforcement letters are being sent to all violators. If grantees receive an enforcement letter or a request from District staff to complete and return specific materials to the Air District, it is critically important to comply with the request immediately to avoid penalties. Please refer to the Grant Agreement you signed for your Retrofit project for more information, or contact staff at (415)749-4994 (option 1) or


Program information

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Ships-at-berth and Cargo Handling Equipment Projects


The Air District is not accepting project applications for ships-at-berth and cargo handling equipment projects at this time.  The application deadline for the last round of funding was March 15, 2011.


Previously funded GMP projects


The following documents summarize the BAAQMD port truck and on-road truck projects that were competitively ranked by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) for Year 1 of the Goods Movement Program.



Last Updated: 10/8/2014