Air District Leadership

The Air District’s leaders oversee its operations, support its mission, and guide its approach to managing and improving air quality in the Bay Area.

The Air District’s leaders are responsible for the District’s overall functions and activities, including policy development, administration, enforcement, permitting, technology development, planning, providing grants and public information.

The Air District uses a progressive approach to regulating air pollution. By adopting reasonable air quality plans and following through with sensible regulations (sensitive to socioeconomic impacts), flexible permitting, helpful compliance assistance, and proactive enforcement, the District has one of the most responsive air programs in the nation.

Jack Broadbent

Jack Broadbent

Executive Officer/APCO

Jack P. Broadbent serves as the Chief Executive Officer/Air Pollution Control Officer, for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District). In this position, Mr. Broadbent is responsible for directing the Air District's programs to achieve and maintain healthy air quality for the 7 million people that reside in the nine county region of California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Mr. Broadbent joins the Air District after serving more than two and a half years as the Director of the Air Division at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX. In that position, Mr. Broadbent was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Clean Air Act as well as indoor air quality and radiation programs for the Pacific Southwest region of the United States. Before serving at the EPA, Mr. Broadbent worked for the South Coast Air Quality Management District as a Deputy Executive Officer, Director of Planning and other senior management positions. While at the South Coast District, Mr. Broadbent directed the development of a number of landmark programs that contributed to significant improvements in air quality in the Los Angeles region.

Mr. Broadbent also has experience in private industry. In the 1980s, Mr. Broadbent served as Corporate Environmental Programs Manager for the largest private employer in California: Hughes Aircraft Company.

Mr. Broadbent holds a Master's degree in Environmental Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science—both from the University of California at Riverside.

Jeff McKayJeffrey McKay

Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer

Jeff McKay is a Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Dr. McKay joined the Air District in 2003 where his prior responsibilities have included Finance, Administration, and Information Services.

Prior to joining the Air District, Dr. McKay held a variety of management positions including at HMT Technology where he was Chief Information Officer and at IBM where he was a manager.

Dr. McKay holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Yale University.

Damian BreenDamian Breen

Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer

Mr. Breen currently heads up the Strategic Innovations Section of Bay Area Air Quality Management District.  This section executes Air District incentives programs; and develops and supports the Air District’s data and permitting technology systems in order to reduce criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Mr. Breen previously served as the Director of the Strategic Incentives Division where he oversaw the grants programs targeted by Air District to reduce diesel particulate matter and health risk at the Port of Oakland.  He also worked for 10 years in the Air District’s Compliance and Enforcement Division and previously for Home Savings of America Bank and various environmental consultancy firms in the United States and Europe. 

Mr. Breen possesses a wealth of knowledge on national, international and California regulations pertaining to wastewater, hazardous materials and air pollution.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the National University of Ireland and a postgraduate diploma in Pollution Assessment and Control from the Irish Institute for Technology.

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