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Agricultural Equipment

Upgrade or replace off-road diesel agricultural pump engine(s) with funding from the Carl Moyer Program. This program aims to cut air pollution from heavy-duty diesel engines in California.

Project Types

Funding is offered on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds have been spent. Applications must be complete to be considered for funding.

Funds are available for the following project types:

  • Engine replacement (repower) - replace an old engine with a new, emission-certified engine (stationary and portable agricultural pump/engines).
  • Engine retrofit - install an emission control device (stationary and portable equipment).
  • Equipment replacement - replace old equipment with the cleanest available (mobile equipment - tractors, loaders, dozers, etc.).


The following agricultural equipment is generally eligible for funding; however, you need to be in compliance with applicable rules (see below) to apply:

  • Stationary and portable equipment with diesel engines 25 horsepower or greater (1996 and newer).
  • Engines >50 hp registered with the Air District.
  • Mobile equipment (tractors, loaders, dozers, backhoes, etc.) - See the off-road equipment program
  • Equipment operating within the Air District’s boundaries, with priority given to those operating in areas highlighted in the Priority Community Map (PDF).

Rules and Regulations

The Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Stationary Compression Ignition Engines (ATCM) (effective October 18, 2007) includes requirements for stationary and portable diesel-fueled engines used exclusively in agriculture. Typically, these engines are used to pump water or provide power for growing crops or raising livestock. All applicants interested in applying for stationary/ portable equipment must comply with the ATCM.

Please visit Agricultural Diesel Engines for additional regulatory information or contact Joe Slamovich at 415-749-4681 for engine registration, and Guy Gimlen at 415-749-4734 for questions about the agricultural engine regulation.

How to Apply

  1. Determine your equipment’s eligibility for this program.
  2. Identify the project type for your equipment.
  3. Gather the required information about your current equipment and replacement equipment or engine.
  4. Work with an equipment dealer to source replacement equipment and engines.
  5. Apply for funding online.

Workshops and Events

View the Calendar for upcoming workshops, events, and deadlines.

Additional Information

More information about agricultural equipment regulation and compliance requirements:

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