Goods Movement Trucks

Replace or repower heavy-duty diesel-fueled trucks or install charging & fueling infrastructure with funding from the Goods Movement Program. This program aims to reduce air pollution from equipment primarily moving freight and commercial goods along California’s major trade routes.

Year 5 Goods Movement Program – Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks

The Air District is not currently accepting truck applications for the Year 5 Program. We anticipate re-opening solicitation for applications in late 2016 to replace or repower heavy-duty diesel-fueled trucks or install charging and fueling infrastructure with grant funding. Grants are available for eligible class 6, class 7, and class 8 diesel truck owners, including drayage (port) trucks. Applications are accepted only through our online application system.

Please review the information below to determine if your equipment meets program eligibility requirements. Applications must be complete to be considered for funding.

Staff is currently evaluating applications received during the first and second solicitation periods. Staff will contact truck applicants about the status of their applications.

Preliminary Ranklist: Truck Solicitations #1 and #2

The Air District has posted the Year 5 preliminary ranklists for the first and second solicitation periods.

Equipment shown on the preliminary ranklist has met basic eligibility criteria for the Program; however, appearance on the ranklist does not guarantee that equipment will receive Program funding. 

Selection for funding is contingent upon a full evaluation to determine if a project meets all Program requirements, including passing pre-inspection, successful completion of ARB’s Proposition 1B compliance check, and availability of Program funds. Compliant and eligible projects that are ranked above the funding line (meaning, the point at which funds are exhausted) will be evaluated for contracting in the order of ranking. At their own risk, owners of equipment shown on this preliminary ranklist are allowed to place orders for replacement equipment; however, the Air District will not allocate funding to proposed projects until the equipment owner fully executes a grant agreement under terms and conditions of the Program.

Through mid-2016, staff will contact applicants with eligible and compliant equipment on the ranklist to inspect and contract projects. 

For Year 5 Goods Movement Program applicants who applied to replace diesel-fueled trucks with alternative-fueled trucks that are not yet available for purchase on the market (e.g., class 7-8 zero-emission or hybrid zero-emission mile trucks, class 7-8 trucks with optional low-NOx engines, or class 8 hybrid trucks), staff will contact you during the summer of 2016 to discuss procedures for inspection and contracting projects later in the program cycle to allow for additional time for these technologies to come to market. 

Contracting for any project cannot occur if eligibility or compliance requirements are not met. If staff has requested that the applicant submit required or missing items for the project, applicants should do so quickly to avoid delays in evaluation or contracting.

Submit required materials for your project - Owners of equipment shown on the preliminary ranklist may upload required materials for their projects directly into the online system by logging into their accounts and clicking the Add Attachments button on the first screen (which shows the equipment table). 

Materials may also be faxed or mailed to the BAAQMD office – please write your application (project) number or license plate of each truck on materials mailed or faxed to the office.

375 Beale Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94105

FAX: 415 749-5020

Regulatory compliance - If staff notified applicants that their projects cannot be funded due to regulatory non-compliance, owners must work with ARB TRUCRS staff to correct fleet reporting problems.

Project Types

The following projects are eligible for funding under this program:

  • Equipment/Vehicle replacement - replace heavy-duty diesel trucks with the cleanest available equipment
  • Engine repower - repower small fleet diesel truck engine with 2015 or newer engine
  • Truck stop electrification - install electric infrastructure to reduce diesel engine idling where trucks congregate
  • Charging and fueling infrastructure - install electric charging or hydrogen fueling infrastructure for trucks (requires replacement of at least 3 diesel trucks)


Heavy-duty diesel trucks

The following eligibility criteria must be met by the existing diesel equipment for consideration:

  • Primarily hauls commercial freight, bulk or goods for sale or for purchase on the major CA trade corridor routes (map) (applicants may be asked to document truck vocation)
  • Existing engine is medium-heavy (MHD) or heavy-heavy (HHD) duty and manufactured 2009 or earlier (for class 6 trucks, engine manufacture must be between 1998-2009)
  • Has a manufacturer rated Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 19,501 lbs or heavier
  • Has traveled a minimum of 20,000 miles/year (for class 6 trucks, minimum of 10,000 miles/year) and at least 75% of its operations inside California for each of the past two years
  • Has been registered with CA-based DMV or CA-based apportioned (IRP) for the past two years
  • Truck and fleet currently complies with the California Truck and Bus Regulation or California Drayage Truck Regulation as applicable
  • For 2-for-1 replacement, 3-way truck exchange and truck plus charging/fueling infrastructure  projects, each existing truck complies with Program and fleet regulation requirements

Electric charging or hydrogen fueling infrastructure

  • Equipment owner agrees to replace at least three diesel-fueled trucks in their fleet with trucks powered by the fuel type matching the charging or fueling infrastructure installed for the project
  • Applicant must meet required legal, permitting and engineering requirements for installation

Truck stop electrification infrastructure

  • Installed at a truck stop, intermodal facility or distribution center within the four CA trade corridors
  • Applicant must meet required legal, permitting and engineering requirements for installation

Fleet size and compliance requirements

The Goods Movement Program defines a large fleet as four or more diesel trucks with GVWR greater than 14,000 lbs under common ownership or control, and a small fleet as three or fewer diesel trucks with GVWR greater than 14,000 lbs under common ownership or control. For the purposes of the Year 5 Program, Drayage fleets will be defined in this same way. At the time of application and throughout the life of the project, the applicant’s fleet and each truck must be compliant with the CA Truck & Bus Regulation or CA Drayage Truck Regulation as applicable.

This Program cannot accept applications for diesel trucks subject to any regulatory compliance deadline prior to January 1, 2017. 

How to Apply

  • Review the application assistance documents in the Additional Information section below
  • Determine the eligibility of your existing equipment and fleet
  • Select the project type
  • Gather information about your truck and engine (and retrofit as applicable) before starting the online application
  • Apply for funding online - using only ONE application, apply for all equipment you are interested in repowering or replacing (do not start a new application for each truck), charging/fueling infrastructure can be entered on the same truck replacement application with your trucks
  • Charging/fueling infrastructure and truck stop electrification projects submit a proposal containing the required items in Appendix A (see link below)

Additional Information

Certified Truck Dealers

Following is a list of Air District certified truck dealers. Certified vendors have a contract with the Air District to inspect your old truck and sell you a new/used truck that will be compliant with California truck regulations. The Air District recommends, but does not require, the use of an Air District certified truck dealer.

Business NameContactPhone Numbertable-mobile-only-column
CDL Truck Solutions (Lodi)Jeff Godwin(209) 663-8848
CDL Truck Solutions (Lodi)
Jeff Godwin
Phone Number:
(209) 663-8848
Central California Truck & Trailer Sales (Stockton)Bill Myers(209) 390-1303
Central California Truck & Trailer Sales (Stockton)
Bill Myers
Phone Number:
(209) 390-1303
Coast Counties Peterbilt (San Jose)Barry Lamanna(831) 758-2441
Coast Counties Peterbilt (San Jose)
Barry Lamanna
Phone Number:
(831) 758-2441
Delta Truck Center (French Camp)Steve Blanchard(209) 649-9252
Delta Truck Center (French Camp)
Steve Blanchard
Phone Number:
(209) 649-9252
Fitzgerald Truck Sales (Oakland)Kathy Fitzgerald(510) 584-7404
Fitzgerald Truck Sales (Oakland)
Kathy Fitzgerald
Phone Number:
(510) 584-7404
Gibbs Truck Centers (Fresno)Mark Rapin(559) 445-9690
Gibbs Truck Centers (Fresno)
Mark Rapin
Phone Number:
(559) 445-9690
Golden Gate Truck Center (Oakland)Tom Dempsey or Dan S. Loo(510) 632-3535
Golden Gate Truck Center (Oakland)
Tom Dempsey or Dan S. Loo
Phone Number:
(510) 632-3535
Interstate Truck Center (Stockton)Jason Range(209) 922-0215
Interstate Truck Center (Stockton)
Jason Range
Phone Number:
(209) 922-0215
Monarch Truck Center (San Jose)Jim Hogan(408) 275-0500
Monarch Truck Center (San Jose)
Jim Hogan
Phone Number:
(408) 275-0500
NorCal Kenworth-Bay Area (San Leandro)Dave Cedillo(510) 746-5281
NorCal Kenworth-Bay Area (San Leandro)
Dave Cedillo
Phone Number:
(510) 746-5281
Opperman & Son, Inc (Healdsburg)Zach Baurer(707) 433-4421
Opperman & Son, Inc (Healdsburg)
Zach Baurer
Phone Number:
(707) 433-4421
Peterson Trucks, Inc. (San Leandro)Russ Thielen(510) 618-5557
Peterson Trucks, Inc. (San Leandro)
Russ Thielen
Phone Number:
(510) 618-5557
Riverview International Trucks (West Sacramento)Ray Stover(916) 371-3110
Riverview International Trucks (West Sacramento)
Ray Stover
Phone Number:
(916) 371-3110
Rush Truck Centers of California (Fontana)Larry Scarpone(909) 574-1603
Rush Truck Centers of California (Fontana)
Larry Scarpone
Phone Number:
(909) 574-1603
Southbay Truck Center (Carson)Ricardo R Long(562) 415-2262
Southbay Truck Center (Carson)
Ricardo R Long
Phone Number:
(562) 415-2262
TEC of California, Inc. (Oakland)Jason Trimm(510) 577-5500
TEC of California, Inc. (Oakland)
Jason Trimm
Phone Number:
(510) 577-5500
TEC of California, Inc. (Lathrop)Jeff Hibbard(209) 858-4110
TEC of California, Inc. (Lathrop)
Jeff Hibbard
Phone Number:
(209) 858-4110
Western Truck Center (West Sacramento)Larry Collier(916) 319-5212
Western Truck Center (West Sacramento)
Larry Collier
Phone Number:
(916) 319-5212

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