Light Duty EVs

Learn about grants for the purchase and lease of zero-emissions and Partial-Zero-Emissions light duty vehicles in high mileage fleets operating in the Bay Area.

Light Duty Electric Vehicle (EV) Program (Coming Soon!)

In fiscal year ending 2016, over $13 million is available for all EV-related programs. Funding is offered on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds have been spent.

Grant funding is available for Light-Duty Zero- and Partial-Zero-Emissions Vehicles in fleets. The following is a list of key project eligibility requirements:

  • Vehicles must be new (2015 model year or newer) and have a GVWR of 14,000 lbs. or lighter;
  • Eligible vehicle types include plug-in hybrid-electric, plug-in electric, and fuel cell vehicles certified by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) as meeting super-ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV) or zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard; and
  • Each project (fleet deployment) must consist of the purchase or lease of three or more vehicles registered to a single owner.

The funding amounts for each vehicle type were determined using the most recent ARB calculation methodology for cost-effectiveness and emissions reductions.


All public and private entities located within the boundaries of the Air District’s jurisdiction are eligible to apply for funding.

This webpage provides an overview of the program. For complete list of eligibility requirements and application instructions, please review the Program Requirements and other materials referenced below in the Resources section.

How to Apply

  1. Review Program Requirements and other materials referenced below in the Resources section;
  2. Select equipment from the approved List of Eligible Vehicles;
  3. Attend an application workshop which is not required but is encouraged; and
  4. Complete the online application and upload
    • Letter of Commitment or Resolution

The Air District will accept applications through December 18, 2015, or unless program funds are exhausted earlier.


Workshops and Events

Applicants are encouraged to attend one or more of Air District’s free informational workshops to discuss the program requirements and application process. View the Calendar for upcoming workshops, events, and deadlines.

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