Clean Cars for All

Announcement: Clean Cars for All is accepting applications for residents that live in zip codes impacted by higher levels of pollution. Find out if you are eligible on the Eligibility Page.

Grants for income-qualified Bay Area residents to retire their older car and replace it with a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, or a pre-paid card to use for public transit and purchase e-bikes.

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Supported by the California Climate Investments program, a statewide initiative that addresses climate change by reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality and the Transportation Fund for Clean Air.

Clean Cars for All is administered by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and application support is provided by GRID Alternatives, the only partner authorized to provide assistance for Clean Cars for All.

¿Tiene preguntas sobre el programa de Clean Cars for All? Llámenos al 855.256.3656. ¡Hablamos español! Para obtener más información sobre el programa, descargue este folleto. Para obtener más información sobre vehículos eléctricos, descargue este folleto.

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Last Updated: 8/23/2021