Program Overview

Learn about the steps you can take to replace your vehicle and receive funding.

Vehicle Replacement Process

Bay Area residents must complete an application to verify eligibility.

If the application is approved, bring your current vehicle to an authorized dismantler for a pre-inspection to verify vehicle eligibility.

If your vehicle passes pre-inspection and you sign an agreement, you will receive an award letter to bring to an authorized dealership to purchase or lease a new or used hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, or hydrogen fuel electric vehicle, OR get a Clipper Card.

After you’ve replaced your vehicle, you must scrap your old vehicle at an authorized dismantler.

1. Eligibility & Apply
Complete an application to verify your eligibility
2. Pre-inspection
Bring your vehicle to an authorized dismantler to verify vehicle
3. Award Letter
If you meet the eligibility requirements and are awarded a grant, you will receive an award letter from the Air District
4. Buy or Lease a Replacement Vehicle or Collect a Clipper Card
Buy or lease a new or used hybrid, plug-in, or electric vehicle
collect your pre-loaded Clipper card
5. Dismantle old vehicle
Turn in your old vehicle at an authorized dismantler

Grant Amounts

Your household income and the vehicle you choose will determine the amount of money you can receive from this program. You may also choose to turn in your old vehicle for a Clipper card.

  • Hybrid Electric
    $5,000 - $7,000
  • Plug-in Hybrid
    $5,500 - $9,500
  • Battery Electric and Fuel Cell
    $5,500 - $9,500
  • Mobility Options
    Up to $7,500
  • Optional Home Charger
    Up to $2,000

The average clean vehicle costs $22,000, and the average Clean Cars for All incentive is $7,500. The average loan financing for purchasing a replacement vehicle is $14,500. Additionally, up to $2,000 of funding is available for a Level 2 charger equipment and installation if you purchase a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) or Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Find out more by downloading the Home Charging Manual.

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