Learn how to find out if you are eligible to replace your vehicle and receive Clean Cars for All funding.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Clean Cars for All Program will expand to the entire Bay Area at the end of October. Sign up for the Clean Cars for All mailing list to be notified of all future program updates.


You are eligible if...
Location: you live in an eligible community in the Bay Area
Income: your household income falls within the specified income brackets
Vehicle: your vehicle is registered in California under your name, model year from 1996 or older, operational, and under 10,000 pounds
New Applicant: you are a new applicant to a vehicle replacement grant program
Find out if you are eligible by starting your application today.


Currently, Clean Cars for All is open to all income qualified Bay Area residents. Residents in communities that are most impacted by air pollution can receive additional transportation options. To determine what types of grants you qualify for, download the Zip Code Eligibility Flyer


To qualify for Clean Cars for All, you must have an annual household income below our income cap. These caps are shown in the table below.

Income Table

Income Table

*Count only yourself plus any spouse and/or dependents you have.
**Income Calculation based on 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (2019).


We are currently targeting vehicles with a model year 15 years or older (e.g. for 2020 this is 2005 or older), but may expand the model year requirements in the future. Starting January 1, 2020 the model year requirement for all vehicles will be 2005 and older. Sign up for the Clean Cars for All mailing list to be notified if this requirement changes. SUBSCRIBE

Non-Eligible Vehicles

The following vehicles are not eligible to participate in the Clean Cars for All Program:

  • Dismantled or salvaged vehicles that have not been re-registered
  • Registered to a non-profit or business.
  • Operated by a public agency or fleet licensed
  • Undergoing a transfer of ownership

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