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Learn about the different mobility options you can receive through the Clean Cars for All Program.

In addition to offering replacement vehicles, the Clean Cars for All program offers income-qualified Bay Area residents grants the option to recycle their old car in exchange for grant funding to use on public transit, for the purchase of an electric bicycle (e-bike), or for car-sharing services. You may combine any of these mobility options to best suit your mobility needs (e.g. $1,700 for an e-bike and $5,800 for public transit).

Funds awarded for these mobility options are loaded onto pre-paid cards. Grantees may only use the funds on these cards for purchases of their awarded mobility option.

  • Public Transit
  • E-Bike
  • Car Sharing

Public Transit Card

Qualifying Bay Area residents can recycle their old vehicle for $7,500 to use on public transit. The pre-paid card can only be used to load funds onto a Clipper Card (, which can be used on over 20 Bay Area transit systems. 

You may not use the pre-paid card for any other purpose unless you selected to pair Public Transit with an e-bike or car-sharing.

E-bikes and Accessories

E-bikes and Accessories

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Qualifying Bay Area residents can retire their old vehicle for a $7,500 grant to purchase an e-bike. Households of more than one person may purchase additional e-bikes with the $7,500 grant. Grantees may use a portion of the grant for e-bike accessories (e.g. helmets, lights, cargo equipment, etc.). The remaining grant amount can be converted to a public transit card with the same restrictions and requirements listed above.

An e-bike (or electric bike) is a bicycle with a battery and electric motor that takes the sweat and effort out of bicycling. E-bikes make it practical to carry heavier loads, go longer distances, and climb steep hills. Qualifying e-bikes must be equipped with fully operable pedals and be clearly labeled as either Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3. For more information about e-bikes contact us at .

You may not use the pre-paid card for any other purpose unless you selected to pair your e-bike with public transit or car-sharing.

Car-sharing (Coming Soon)

This mobility option is under development and will likely be offered starting in 2021. Grantees who select the mobility option will be offered this option when it becomes available.

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