Lineamientos para el inventario de emisiones de refinerías

Consulte el Inventario de lineamientos para las emisiones de refinerías, un recurso para las refinerías de petróleo y el personal del Distrito de Aire para calcular los inventarios de emisiones.

Los Lineamientos del inventario de emisiones de refinería (PDF) ofrecen instrucciones y métodos estandarizados para calcular las emisiones de las refinerías de petróleo. Estos lineamientos se basan en la emisión de cálculos del Protocolo de cálculo de emisiones para las refinerías de petróleo de la EPA de EE. UU.

Proposed Revisions

The Air District is proposing revisions to the Petroleum Refinery Emissions Inventory Guidelines (“Guidelines”; latest version published July 2019). The Air District is seeking comments on the current proposed changes.  

The Air District is also accepting comments on the entirety of the document and will consider changes as appropriate throughout the document. A history of prior revisions to the Guidelines is also presented below. To facilitate review, the District is providing two redline documents, one showing the current proposed changes to the July 2019 Guidelines, and a second showing all changes from the original Guidelines published in 2016. Comments will be considered if submitted by September 11, 2020.

Comments can be emailed to the following staff contact:

Art Valla
Principal Air Quality Engineer

History of Prior Revisions to the Guidelines

July 2019
Incorporated changes in Guidelines Sections 2, 3, 5, and Appendix A as negotiated in Settlement, Enforcement and Release Agreement dated March 4, 2019, resolving litigation WSPA, et al. v. Air District, case no. N17-2300.

May 2017
Incorporated changes in Guidelines Sections 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and the appendices following discussions with the Bay Area petroleum refineries and Western States Petroleum Association.

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