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Learn how to upgrade or replace heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with funding from the Community Health Protection Grant Program.

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In 2017, Assembly Bill 617 directed the California Air Resources Board, in conjunction with local air districts, to establish the Community Air Protection Program.

AB 617 provides a new community-focused action framework for improving air quality and reducing exposure to criteria air pollutants and toxic air contaminants in communities most impacted by air pollution.

In September 2017, before the Community Air Protection Program was developed, the governor and legislature established an early action component to AB 617 that would use existing incentive programs to get immediate emission reductions in the communities most affected by air pollution. AB 134 appropriated $250 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to reduce mobile source emissions (including criteria pollutants, toxic air contaminants, and greenhouse gases) in those communities.

The Bay Area has been allocated $50 million of these funds for emission reduction projects. These funds will be used to implement projects under the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program, and optionally under the Proposition 1B Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program.

The Carl Moyer Program is a partnership between CARB and local air districts that provides air quality benefits by replacing old, high-polluting vehicles and equipment ahead of regulatory requirements, or beyond those requirements, by paying for the incremental cost of cleaner replacements. Since 1998, Moyer Program grants have enabled fleet turnover beyond regulatory requirements by retrofitting, repowering, or replacing high-pollution engines and vehicles. More information can be found on the Air District’s Carl Moyer Program and Proposition 1B Goods Movement Program web pages.

Bay Area Community Health Protection Grant program survey: The Air District is seeking input on air pollution sources in Bay Area communities. Your input will inform our outreach efforts and will help us identify new projects to improve air quality in the Bay Area. We appreciate your help in completing this 10-minute survey.

Program Year One Project Eligibility

The information below is for the first year of program funding. The program is expected to be expanded to other communities and project types in future funding cycles.

Year one Community Health Protection Grant Program projects will primarily follow the requirements of the Carl Moyer Program and Prop 1B Program (for truck projects) with the following exceptions:

  • Community participation will be relied on to inform program outreach and identify new projects.
  • Equipment must operate within the following areas:
    • The 880/80 Corridor – Hayward to Richmond, including East and West Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond; and/ or
    • The Refinery Corridor – Rodeo, Vallejo, outside Martinez to Pittsburg.
  • Focus must be on the cleanest technologies available.
  • Projects must utilize Carl Moyer Program guideline flexibility adopted by CARB in April 2018 for these funds.
  • Projects must be contracted by June 2019 and funds paid out by June 2021.

Grants cannot be used for projects that are currently required by law or by a contract or agreement. More information and additional requirements are available on the California Air Resources Board Carl Moyer Program web page.

Project Types

Community Health Protection Grant Program funding is offered on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds have been spent. Applications must be complete to be considered for funding. Funds are available for the following project types:

  • Equipment/Vehicle replacement - replace an old vehicle or piece of equipment with the cleanest available vehicle or equipment.
  • Engine replacement (repower) - replace an old engine with a new, emission-certified engine.
  • Power system conversion – convert existing equipment to operate on electric or hybrid power.
  • Battery charging and fueling infrastructure - as part of an equipment project, install infrastructure to charge or fuel new, funded equipment.

Eligible Equipment

Visit the following pages for more information on equipment-specific funding opportunities:

Zero-emissions projects are highly encouraged. Public or private entities that own a variety of equipment types are encouraged to apply in each category, particularly if fueling or charging infrastructure will be included in the application.

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