Climate Tech Finance

Learn how to apply for subsidized financing for emerging technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The Air District’s Climate Tech Finance program offers subsidized financing for public and private facilities to adopt emerging technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Public-sector facilities can apply for loans ranging from $500,000 to $30 million, over up to 30-year terms.

Small businesses can apply for loan guarantees on loans of up to $20 million, with a maximum guarantee of $2.5 million. Projects may be eligible for up to 90 percent guarantees through this program.

The Air District also provides engineering evaluation and technical assistance to borrowers to evaluate proposed projects.

This program is being offered through a partnership with the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank).

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Direct Loans

Direct loans are available to Bay Area public facilities, including municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, and eligible nonprofits.

Loan Guarantees

Loan guarantees are available to Bay Area small businesses and eligible nonprofits with 1-750 employees.

Eligible Projects

Both direct loans and loan guarantees will support the adoption of emerging technologies that result in direct or indirect reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. For additional information on eligibility, please contact .

How to Apply

Facilities Interested in Loans and Loan Guarantees

To apply for loans or loan guarantees, please contact  with a brief description of your project. We will reach out to you for additional information.

Technology Developers

If you are a company producing an emerging technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and would like to participate in the Climate Tech Finance program, please fill out this online application

Climate Technology Review

The Air District has developed a technology assessment matrix to evaluate emerging climate technologies across several key metrics, including emissions reduction potential, economics, technology readiness, and barriers to commercialization.

The Air District’s Climate Technology Review summarizes the results of this initial assessment.


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