Online Permitting System

The Air District’s online permitting system provides the regulated industry with the ability to submit permit applications, renew permits, update some facility information and access permit documents. Additional functionality and improvements will follow. Our goal with this system is to improve efficiency, accuracy and the customer experience.

Am I eligible to use the system?

The system will be available for certain auto body shops, dry cleaning facilities and gas dispensing facilities (gas stations).

Existing permit holders will be invited to use the system during permit renewal. For existing permit holders that have business outside of permit renewal (e.g., submit a permit application) and would like to find out if your facility is eligible to use the system, check the Eligible Facilities List. If your facility is eligible, please e-mail us with your Facility number (located on your current permit document) to request a facility access code.

Request a facility access code from the Help Desk:

Still need to use forms? If your facility is not eligible for the online permitting system or you like to conduct the “old-fashioned” way, you can still send us forms.

New auto body shops, dry cleaning facilities and gas dispensing facilities (not transfers of ownership) can go directly to the Account Page to sign up and start the permitting process.

Online Permitting System

What are the current benefits/functionality?

  • Customers will have the ability to:
  • Submit permit applications
  • Submit Data Update requests
  • Pay invoices for applications and permit renewals
  • Retrieve a copy of your permit
  • Ability to designate 3 separate contacts for your facility

    • Owner contact (receives permit documents)
    • Operator contact (receives Data Update requests)
    • Billing contact (receives renewal invoices)
Online Payment Requirements
  • VISA, MasterCard, and Discover accepted.
  • Partial payments of invoices will not be accepted.  Invoices must be paid in full.
  • Invoices more than $5000 cannot be paid online.  Payment must be by check and mailed.

Refund Policy

If you made an overpayment that is eligible for refund, please fill out and submit the Refund Request form. Requests must be submitted by email or mail.

If you have questions regarding the online permitting of GDFs, auto body shops, and dry cleaners, please contact the Help Desk with your facility number and invoice number.

Help Desk

415-749-8665 |
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Attn: Refund Request, Permit Help Desk
375 Beale Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA  94105

Transfer of Ownership

Requests to change ownership (owning entity) must be submitted in writing. Please submit a Transfer of Ownership form. Mail the form with your payment.

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Online Permit System Help Desk

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