Flex Your Commute

Imagine we didn't waste time sitting in traffic.

In the Bay Area, commuters spend hours driving alone, costing them and their employers time and money.

Flex Your Commute provides commuters and employers with resources to shift from driving alone to carpooling, taking transit, bicycling, walking, and teleworking.

Let’s create a culture of commuting innovation in the Bay Area.

  • Lisa Gauthier Testimonial
    “By actively offering an array of commute options, employers are helping to strengthen our region's competitiveness and quality of life, with positive impacts for public health, commute equity, climate resiliency, and employee well-being. It's a win-win."

    Lisa G., Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Jamie J. Testimonial
    “Employers with quality commute programs improve employee productivity and retention."

    Jamie J., Stanford Research Park.
  • Alyssa S. Testimonial
    “Our flexible transportation programs and benefits support sustainable commuting and inspire employees to come together during moments that matter."

    Alyssa S., Salesforce
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Last Updated: 8/10/2023