jueves, agosto 13, 2020

Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Air District, offered a statement regarding the Trump Administration’s announcement today of plans to lift controls on the release of methane.

Spare the Air Status

“In a profoundly misguided move, the Trump Administration has chosen once again to curb climate protections by rolling back critical controls on methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The administration’s consistent disregard for public health and penchant for governance by chaos is unfortunately very much on-brand. This willful contempt for science and common sense threatens to create a climate calamity by fueling more catastrophic wildfires and propelling harmful air pollution increases. As the world moves on to greener fuels and progressive climate actions, the Trump Administration is stuck in reverse. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has been diligently working to reduce methane emissions in the region through a suite of new regulations and will challenge this decision in order to protect the health of all Bay Area residents.”

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Last Updated: 13/08/2020