martes, abril 16, 2024

The Air District is announcing that its independent Hearing Board has ordered Martin Marietta to get a permit for the company’s sand distribution plant located at Pier 92 in Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco. The Hearing Board has also imposed restrictions on the plant’s operations to reduce emissions and protect public health.

Spare the Air Status

The order requires Martin Marietta to get a permit for the new facility by October 31, 2025, and to comply with operational restrictions requested by the Air District until the permit is in place. These restrictions are designed to ensure adherence to regulatory standards while prioritizing the protection of those living in the community.

“The Air District’s Hearing Board order is the quickest way to bring Martin Marietta’s sand processing facility into compliance and safeguard the health of those living in Bayview Hunters Point, a community already overburdened by air pollution,” said Dr. Philip Fine, executive officer of the Air District. “We are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for residents in the surrounding community.”

The plant previously operated under an exemption from the Air District’s permit requirements. The facility lost the exemption while owned by Martin Marietta's predecessor Lehigh Hanson. After taking over from Lehigh Hanson, Martin Marietta proposed to modernize the facility with enhanced environmental controls under a new permit application to address concerns raised by the Air District and the community. The Air District sought an order from the Hearing Board to mandate that Martin Marietta comply with operational restrictions and complete the permit process in a timely manner or cease operations.

Martin Marietta will also be required to obtain approval from the Port of San Francisco to construct the new facility, which owns the Pier 92 site. The City and County of San Francisco will conduct a comprehensive environmental review of the project under the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Air District will continue to monitor the facility closely and remain actively engaged with stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the Hearing Board’s order.

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Last Updated: 15/04/2024