Handbooks and Guidance

The Handbooks and Guidance section includes links to the California Air Resources Board's Air Quality and Land Use Handbook and links to other resources that contain approved policies and procedures that assist lead agencies in the CEQA review process. 


These resources provide helpful information and clarification on existing agency regulations or procedures as they pertain to the Air District’s CEQA Thresholds.

California Air Resources Board Air Quality Land Use Handbook
Informational guidance on evaluating distances between toxic air contaminant sources and sensitive receptors.

California Air Pollution Control Officers Association GHG Handbook
Assists local government and lead agencies in reviewing GHG emissions from land use development projects and in creating climate action plans.

Environmental Protection Agency School Guidance
EPA guidelines for the siting of school facilities.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District School Siting Guidelines
Air District information on siting near school facilities.

State of California Office of Attorney General - Bureau of Environmental CEQA Warehouse Best Practices
Example mitigation measures and best practices for warehouse projects. 

California Air Resources Board AB 32 Scoping Plan Update
Plan detailing how the State will achieve its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction 2030 targets and 2045 path to carbon neutrality.

California Air Resources Board Gas Station Risk Assessment Guidance and Tool
A tool developed by CARB for assessing gas station risk. 

CalEnviroscreen 4.0
A screening tool developed by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment used to help identify disproportionately impacted communities.

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