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View Notices of Violation issued to facilities as part of the Air District’s compliance and enforcement activities.

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    The Air District is committed to vigorously and transparently enforcing all air quality regulations to protect the health of Bay Area residents. To better inform the public of our enforcement activities, the Air District is providing this web tool so that members of the public can access information about Notices of Violation that have been issued for facilities in their communities.

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The Air District conducts inspections to determine compliance with its Rules and Regulations, applicable state and federal laws, and permit requirements.

When the Air District discovers an air quality violation, it issues a Notice of Violation, or NOV. Facilities that are issued an NOV are required to take corrective action. In addition, the Air District will assess a monetary penalty as provided for under California Health & Safety Code sections 42402 through 42403.

For significant penalties, the Air District notifies the public through press releases and email notifications, and by posting penalty agreements on its Penalties and Settlements web page.   

The table on this page provides information on all NOVs issued by the Air District over the past five years. It can be used to find NOVs by facility name or location, and it specifies the regulation violated for each NOV. The current enforcement status of each NOV is also listed and will be updated as the enforcement process progresses.

The various statuses are:

  • Pending: The NOV has been issued, but the Air District has not yet collected a penalty or otherwise fully resolved the NOV. Note that “pending” does not necessarily mean that the violation is ongoing. If a violation has ceased, the status will still be “pending” until a penalty has been collected or the NOV has otherwise been resolved.   
  • Resolved: The NOV has been resolved through assessment of a penalty, referral to the district attorney or the US Environmental Protection Agency for prosecution, or other final resolution.
  • Cancelled: Further investigation showed no violations occurred.
  • No Further Action (NFA): No basis for penalty action (e.g., company has gone out of business). 

In cases where multiple NOVs are issued to the same facility, the Air District will sometimes resolve them together. Please note, the table does not indicate whether an NOV was resolved individually or as part of a multi-NOV resolution.

Notices of Violation

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Last Updated: 24/06/2024