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Encuentre información sobre los trabajos para el desarrollo de reglas del Distrito de Aire, como documentos de reglas en borrador, oportunidades para la participación pública y materiales de talleres públicos.

Staff is holding a workshop on February 18 for amendments to Regulation 3: Fees. Visit the Reg 3 web page or view the workshop notice for more information.

The Air District develops rules and regulations to improve local air quality and protect the health of Bay Area residents.

The Air District’s process for creating and modifying rules and regulations involves developing technical assessments, hosting stakeholder meetings and public workshops, developing draft rules and amendments, and evaluating potential impacts of the rule.

Throughout the rule development process, upcoming events, notices, materials, and reports will be available online for individual rules currently under modification or development.

New rules and amendments that have been adopted by the Air District's Board of Directors can be found in the list of Current Rules. Recently adopted rules and amendments include:

AB 617 Expedited BARCT Implementation Schedule

AB 617 requires air districts to implement Best Available Retrofit Control Technology, or BARCT, on pollution sources located at facilities subject to the Cap-and-Trade program. The Air District has developed and adopted an Expedited BARCT Implementation Schedule to meet these requirements.

Rules Under Development

Note that the Air District is currently updating the structure of the Rule Development section of the website, and information on all rules under development may not be listed immediately. Additional information will be posted as this update progresses.

There are currently no items available to display in this table. Please check back.

Public Workshops and Materials

View scheduled dates for workshops and hearings on proposed rules. 

Note that as as of June 1, 2017, information regarding rule development regulatory workshops and public hearings will be consolidated onto the individual pages for rules under development that are linked from the table above . The Regulatory Workshops and Public Hearings pages will serve only as a source of archived historical information.

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