Regulation 6 Rule 8: Bulk material storage and handling

Learn about the Air District's development process for Regulation 6, Rule 8, which is part of a set of amendments and new rules under consideration that would reduce emissions of particulate matter from various commercial and industrial operations.

Find out about the status and anticipated timeline of the rule development process. Information on hearings, workshops, and other events is provided below, along with supporting documents and materials.

Rule 6-8 is no longer being actively developed as a standalone rule. Instead, requirements for bulk material storage and handling facilities have been incorporated into staff’s proposed amendments to Rule 6-1. This page serves as an archive of the development process for this rule.

The Air District is developing a set of new rules and rule amendments to address particulate matter emissions from commercial and industrial sources. Regulation 6, Rule 8: Bulk Material Storage and Handling addresses particulate matter emissions from dust from handling of materials such as fine solids, sand, and gravel. Rule 6-8 prohibits significant visible emissions, requires prevention and cleanup of material spills, and limits vehicle traffic in order to control dust emissions.

Rule 6-8 is being developed along with amendments to Rule 6-1, new Rules 6-6 and 6-7, and a new umbrella regulation, Regulation 6. These rules and amendments would address particulate matter emissions from a variety of activities and operations. The Air District estimates that hundreds of facilities throughout the Bay Area may be subject to these new rules and amendments.

Supporting Materials

Supporting materials, such as staff reports, regulatory language, and other technical documents related to rule development, are posted throughout the development process. Please note that the Air District is currently transitioning this section of the site to a new structure, and the document posting dates shown do not currently reflect the original posting dates.


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