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Although the Bay Area is one of the cleanest of the five major urban air basins in California, there are still several days annually when air pollution exceeds the state or federal air quality standards.

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  • Dan Belik
  • Air Quality Program Manager, Planning and Research
  • 415 749-4786


Planning Rules And Research

415 749-4995

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Rule Development Calendar

This page lists the projected dates for regulatory workshops and public hearings. Dates given are approximate. As dates are confirmed, they are listed under the Workshops page or under the Current Regulatory Public Hearings page, along with relevant materials. For more information about any rule development project listed, please contact assigned staff.

Note: SSM numbers listed are Stationary Source Control Measures from the District's 2010 Clean Air Plan.


Proposed Regulation 12, Rule 13: Foundry and Forging Operations and Proposed Regulation 6, Rule 4: Metal Recycling and Shredding Operations (SSM-1) 
    Public Hearing: April 17, 2013

Draft Regulation 12, Rule 14: Refinery Emissions Tracking 
    Public Workshop: 2nd Quarter, 2013 
    Public Hearing: 2nd Quarter, 2014

Employer Provided Commute Benefits 
    Public Workshop: 2nd Quarter, 2013 
    Public Hearing: 3rd Quarter, 2013

Draft Regulation 9, Rule 14: Sulfur Dioxide from Coke Calcining Kilns (SSM-8) 
    Public Workshop: 3rd Quarter, 2013 
    Public Hearing: 4th Quarter, 2013

Emergency Stationary Compression (Diesel Generators) 
    Public Workshop: 3rd Quarter, 2013 
    Public Hearing: 4th Quarter, 2013


Regulation 3: Fees, including new schedules for Agricultural Burning and Incident Response 
    Public Workshop: February 28, 2013 
    Public Hearings: 2nd Quarter, 2013

Regulation 9, Rule 10: Nitrogen Oxides and Carbon Monoxide from Boilers, Steam Generators and Process Heaters in Petroleum Refineries 
    Public Workshop: December 5, 2012 
    Public Hearing: 2nd Quarter, 2013

Regulation 6, Rule 1: Particulate Matter, General Requirements; and new Regulation 6, Rule 5: Fugitive Emissions 
    Public Workshop: 2nd Quarter, 2013 
    Public Hearing: 3rd Quarter, 2013


Last Updated: 3/4/2013