Rule 11-18 Risk Reduction Facilities

View a list of facilities required under the Air District’s Facility Risk Reduction Program to undergo health risk assessments, or HRAs, and, if found to be above a specified risk action level, to implement risk reduction measures.

The Air District is requesting public comment on updates regarding Rule 11-18, including draft Implementation Procedures and a Concept Paper for Rule 11-18 amendments. A Public Workshop will be held February 15, 2024. See the Facility Risk Reduction Program webpage for further information, including documents, workshop details, and public comment instructions.

Additionally, updates have been made to the lists of facilities affected by the rule. See the Program Information section below for the updated lists.

Under Regulation 11, Rule 18, the Air District conducts health risk assessments for facilities whose emissions pose potentially high health risks. These HRAs will be phased in over several years, starting with sites that have the highest potential health risks.

Those facilities whose emissions are found to have health risks at or above a specific risk action level must prepare and implement a risk reduction plan, or RRP, that is approved by the Air District.

During this process for each facility, there will be opportunity for public comment on the HRA and the RRP.

Once the Air District has approved an RRP, the facility will need to meet the implementation goals and deadlines established in the plan and will need to demonstrate compliance with all required risk reduction measures within five years. Annual progress reports will be posted below during this implementation phase.

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Last Updated: 10/03/2020