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Jack Broadbent

Jack Broadbent


Jack P. Broadbent 是灣區空氣品質管理局(空氣局)的首席執行官/空氣污染管制官。Broadbent 先生的職責是指導空氣局的計劃,爲加州三藩灣區的 7 百萬居民實現和維持健康的空氣品質。

在第九區美國環保局空氣部擔任主管兩年半多後,Broadbent 先生加入了空氣局。在擔任空氣部主管期間,Broadbent 先生負責監管清淨空氣法案 (CAA) 的實施以及美國太平洋西南部的市內空氣品質和輻射計劃。在爲環保局效力之前,Broadbent 先生在南岸空氣品質管理局擔任過副執行官、規劃主管和其他高級管理職位。在南岸管理局任職期間,Broadbent 先生指導數個地標性計劃的制定,大大改善了洛杉磯地區的空氣品質。

Broadbent 還擁有私營行業的工作經驗。20 世紀 80 年代時,Broadbent 先生在加州最大的私營企業 Hughes Aircraft Company 擔任企業環境計劃經理。

Broadbent 擁有加州大學河濱分校的環境學理學士學位和環境管理碩士學位。

Brian C. Bunger

District Counsel

Brian C. Bunger is the District Counsel for the Air District. As the Air District’s chief legal officer, Mr. Bunger is the principal manager for all legal affairs of the agency, including litigation, legal aspects of enforcement actions pursued by the Air District, contracts review and negotiations, providing counseling on regulatory and administrative law issues, and acting as Counsel to the Air District’s Executive Officer, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council.

Mr. Bunger joined the Air District in 2000 as the agency’s Senior Assistant Counsel and was appointed its District Counsel by the Board of Directors in 2002. Mr. Bunger is also General Counsel and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Clean Air Foundation, and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Air and Waste Management Association. From Fall 2004 through 2006, Mr. Bunger was the Chair of the Attorneys’ Committee of the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association.

Prior to joining the Air District, Mr. Bunger was in private practice in San Francisco, handling a broad range of environmental counseling and litigation matters.

Mr. Bunger holds a Bachelor of Arts, with High Honors, from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Mr. Bunger has been a member of the California Bar since 1989.

Wayne Kino

Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer – Operations

Wayne Kino serves as a Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer and oversees the operations programs at the Air District, including the Compliance and Enforcement Division, the Meteorology and Measurements Division, and the Communications Office.

Mr. Kino has been with the Air District for more than 30 years. Mr. Kino started his career with the Air District as an Inspector and worked his way up by serving in the Field Engineering Section, the Rule Development Office, and as a Manager in the Compliance and Enforcement Division before taking on this most recent role. During his time at the Air District, Mr. Kino has led the Compliance and Enforcement Division through the development and implementation of enhanced enforcement policies, procedures, and programs. He has substantial experience and skill in air pollution regulation. Before coming to the Air District, Mr. Kino worked for the US Park Service at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and at the Chevron Richmond Refinery. Mr. Kino earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from UC Berkeley.

Damian BreenDamian Breen


Breen 先生當前領導灣區空氣品質管理局戰略創新部。 該部門負責實施空氣局鼓勵計劃;以及編制並支援空氣局數據和許可技術系統,以減少法定污染物和溫室氣體排放。 

Breen 此前爲戰略性鼓勵措施部門主管,負責監管空氣局爲減少奧克蘭港的柴油顆粒物質和健康風險而指定的補助計劃。  他曾在空氣局合規和執行部任職 10 年,更早以前,他還在 Home Savings of America Bank 以及美國和歐洲多個環境諮詢公司工作過。 

Breen 熟識美國、國際以及加州法規在污水、危害物質和空氣污染方面的規定。  他持有愛爾蘭國立大學的地質學理學學士學位以及愛爾蘭的理工學院的污染評估和管控碩士文憑。

Greg Nudd

Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer – Policy

Greg Nudd serves as a Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer and oversees the public policy programs at the Air District, including the Strategic Rules and Policy Office, the Planning and Climate Protection Division, the Public Health Office, and the Community Protection Office.

Mr. Nudd most recently served as the Rules and Strategic Policy Officer for the Air District. Prior to this appointment, he was the Rule Development Manager for three years. Mr. Nudd previously worked as an environmental engineer at US EPA Region 9 for five years, where he reviewed State Implementation Plans and developed Federal Implementation Plans. Mr. Nudd began his career at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, starting as a permit engineer specializing in combustion sources. He worked at TCEQ for 16 years in a variety of engineering, management, and information technology positions. Mr. Nudd earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin where he specialized in Energy Studies. He holds a Professional Engineering license in the State of Texas.

Jeff McKayJeffrey McKay


Jeff McKay 是灣區空氣品質管理局的副空氣污染管制官。McKay 博士於 2003 年加入空氣局,他此前的工作涉及財務、行政和資訊服務。

在加入空氣局之前,McKay 博士擔任過多個管理職位,包括在 HMT Technology 擔任首席信息官以及在 IBM 擔任經理。

McKay 博士擁有耶魯大學的應用物理學博士學位。

Rex Sanders

Chief Administrative Officer

Rex Sanders serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and oversees the administrative infrastructure and administrative policy programs at the Air District, including the Human Resources Office, the Information Technology Office, and the Administrative Resources Division, which consists of the Facility Office, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office, and the Executive Office.

Mr. Sanders has been with the Air District for 11 years. He started his career with the Air District serving as a Human Resources Analyst and has worked his way up by serving as Human Resources Manager, the Manager of Executive Operations, the Director of Administrative Resources, Human Resources Officer, the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, the Safety Officer and the Non-Discrimination Coordinator.

Mr. Sanders has led the Administrative Resources Division through numerous human resources and administrative policy and service enhancements. Prior to coming to the Air District, Mr. Sanders served in the non-profit sector administering human resources for the San Francisco Bar Association and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). Mr. Sanders holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley.

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