Register Equipment

Register your EPA-certified or pellet-fueled wood-burning device for a sole source of heat exemption, or register qualifying small sources of air pollution for permission to operate through Air District registration programs.

Exempt Wood Stove Registration

Effective November 1, 2016, for anyone claiming an exemption from Winter Spare the Air Alert burn bans because his or her sole source of heat is a wood-burning device, Air District regulations require that this device be EPA-certified or pellet-fueled and that it be registered with the Air District.

  • 農用柴油發動機
  • 工業、機構及商業鍋爐、蒸汽發生器及流程加熱器
  • 商用炊具登記(鏈條傳動燒烤爐) 
  • 印刷工藝作業
  • 移動修補塗料(噴漆)作業登記
  • 便攜設備 (PERP)
  • 乾洗機  

New Online System

Owners or operators of the following types of equipment may be eligible to register new equipment or renew existing permits through the new Online Permitting System:

Online Permitting System
Eligible facilities can log in to apply for new registrations and renewals on the Air District's online permitting system web page.

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