Authority to Construct (A/C)

Learn about Authority to Construct permitting requirements.

When an Authority to Construct, or A/C, is issued, there are three potential actions for each device or source:

  • Notify of start-up
  • Request a renewal of the A/C
  • Notify A/C is no longer needed (surrender/expire)


A start-up notification card or form was included when your A/C was issued.

A/C Renewal

Prior to expiration, if any equipment covered in the A/C has not started up, notify the Air District to request an A/C renewal. If an A/C does not qualify for renewal, you must reapply by resubmitting a new permit application. See Air District Regulation 2, Rule 1.

  • To request an A/C renewal, submit an Authority To Construct Action Form.
  • If the permit qualifies for A/C renewal, the Air District will issue an invoice for the A/C renewal.

Surrender or Expire your A/C

If you no longer need the A/C:

  • Submit an Authority To Construct Action Form.
  • After the form is processed, the A/C is void. No further action can be taken on the A/C.

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