Exempt Wood Stove Registration

Learn how to register your EPA-certified or pellet-fueled wood stove for a sole source of heat exemption from Spare the Air Alert burn bans.

Regulation 6, Rule 3: Woodburning Devices allows for exemptions from Spare the Air Alert Mandatory Burn Bans if the sole source of heat is a wood-burning device. An exemption requires that the wood-burning device be EPA-certified or pellet-fueled, and that it also be registered with the Air District. Qualification for the exemption is subject to verification. An open-hearth fireplace does not qualify for an exemption.

EPA-certified or pellet-fueled devices must be registered with the Air District or they will be subject to penalties for violation of the wood burning rule if used during a Spare the Air Alert Mandatory Burn Ban. 

Please check the Air District's Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program for funding availability to upgrade to cleaner alternatives to wood burning.

Spare the Air Status

Last Updated: 2022/11/15