Clean Heating Efficiently with Electric Technology (Clean HEET) Program

Updated 2024/7/11

Grants for homeowners to replace wood-burning heaters with electric heat pumps. A new application deadline has been set for September 24, 2024.

New 2024/7/11

Program Overview

The Clean HEET Program was developed by the Air District to reduce wintertime wood smoke pollution and improve air quality by incentivizing Bay Area homeowners to replace their existing, operational, freestanding wood stoves or wood-burning fireplace inserts with electric heat pumps.

Up to $2 million in funding is available for the Clean HEET Program. Individual awards range from $3,000 - $10,500 for one stove/insert, and $6,000 - $13,500 for two stoves/inserts.

All Bay Area homeowners are eligible to apply. Projects located in areas most impacted by air pollution will be prioritized first due to limited funding. Homeowners in West Oakland, East Oakland, Richmond-San Pablo, and Bayview Hunters Point/Southeast San Francisco are especially encouraged to apply.

The program does not provide reimbursement for work already performed.

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How to Apply

Create an account and apply now

Review the Program Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions to learn more about eligibility and how to complete an application.

Applications will be accepted until September 24, 2024, at 5:00PM PDT.

The Air District will review applications in multiple phases. Applications received by 5:00PM PDT on July 18th will be reviewed beginning July 19th. All other applications received by September 24th will be reviewed after the application period closes. Complete applications will be ranked based on the priorities described in the program guidelines. The Air District will notify applicants of whether their application was approved for funding, rejected, or placed on a waitlist within 30 days following the start of application review.

The Air District hosted an informational webinar on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Basic Rules

  • Only existing wood stoves or wood-burning fireplace inserts are eligible.
    Device must be indoor, operational, manufactured before 2020, and burn wood for heating purposes. No open-hearth fireplaces or cooking appliances.
  • Only electric heat pumps qualify as replacement devices.
    No electric/gas fireplaces, air conditioners, portable devices, or electric/gas furnaces.
  • Applicants must receive written approval from the Air District prior to starting their projects.
    Projects that have started (e.g., placing an order or deposit) prior to receiving Air District approval do not qualify for funding.
  • Upon approval, existing wood-burning device must be permanently destroyed (decommissioned) and scrapped at a recycler. Projects replacing wood-burning fireplace inserts must also permanently disable the fireplace. 
  • The applicant must be the legal homeowner and provide a completed W-9 form.
  • Project work must be completed by a California licensed contractor.
  • Building permit and inspection required.
  • Project work must be completed within 4 months of approval to proceed.

Complete information is available in the Program Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions document (also in Resources section on this page). 

Funding Overview

Funding Amounts
Wood-burning Device Manufacture Year Maximum Funding
First Device 2014 and earlier $6,500
Second Device, if applicable 2019 and earlier +$3,000
Plus-up Funding for qualifying low-income participants - +$4,000


Additional Opportunities for Funding

There are many programs available that provide rebates for energy-saving appliances and general home electrification/weatherization, comprehensive project management assistance for low-income community members, and more. Offers vary by location. To learn about additional resources and assistance, please see the Other Opportunities for Green Home Upgrades   document.

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