Check to see the eligible project types for Clean Air Centers and submit an application.

Applicant must be a county-level public agency or the Red Cross who will oversee and coordinate the operations of Clean Air Centers.

How to Apply

Submit applications materials via email.


Please read these guidelines completely before submitting an application. Incomplete applications, applications with ineligible projects, and applications outside the scope of the solicitation may be disqualified.

Clean Air Centers Program applications must include the following documents:

  1. Evidence of Authority to Apply and Implement the Project:
    1. a signed letter of commitment from the applicant’s representative with authority (e.g., Chief Executive or Financial Officer, Executive Director, or County Manager); or
    2. a signed resolution from the governing body (e.g., Board of Supervisors, or Board of Directors).
  2. Form W-9:
    • Submit a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (Form W-9). See an example Form W-9.
    • Download the PDF Form W-9.
    • You are required to submit a Form W-9 (not a W-2) to participate in this program. Funding from this program is required to be reported as taxable income. The Air District will send you a Form 1099-G (typically in January or February) next year for you to report on.
  3. Cover Sheet
    • Submit one cover sheet with contact information, evidence of vulnerable community, and signature of party overseeing grant agreement.
  4. Application based on project type

Optional Pre-Screening Application for Facility Ventilation Upgrades: Applicants may submit an optional pre-screening application for screening facility ventilation upgrades. The Air District will review pre-screening applications to screen and pre-approve proposed Clean Air Centers for facility ventilation upgrades. Counties should coordinate with cities and communities in their jurisdiction to determine the locations of Clean Air Centers.

The following information needs to be submitted as part of the pre-screening application:

  1. List of proposed Clean Air Centers for facility ventilation upgrades
  2. Cost estimate of upgrade
  3. A map showing where the Clean Air Centers will be located

The Air District will send notices about pre-screening application materials via e-mail to the county liaison. An applicant who submits a pre-screening application is still required to submit a full application after the proposed Clean Air Centers facilities are pre-approved by the Air District.

  • Pre-Screening
    Optional pre-screening for facility ventilation upgrades
  • Cover Sheet
    One cover sheet per grantee
  • Facility Ventilation Upgrade
    One application per facility ventilation to be upgraded.
  • Portable Air Cleaners
    One application for all portable air cleaner purchases. Select from BAAQMD bulk pricing list or from CARB’s eligible list.
  • Air Filter Replacements
    One application for all air filter replacement purchases.

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