Flex Your Commute

Flex Your Commute improves air quality and reduces greenhouse gases by encouraging commuter choice.

Transit, bicycling, carpooling, walking, and telework all eliminate drive-alone commutes. Flex Your Commute encourages a Bay Area wide transportation shift from driving alone to sustainable commuting. Flex Your Commute strives to create a culture of commuting innovation in the Bay Area.

In the Bay Area, transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gases, traffic congestion, and air pollution. Commuters spend hours driving alone, costing them and their employers time and money. Employers encouraging sustainable commute habits reduce stress and improve health.

What Does Flex Your Commute Offer Employers?

  • Engaged, healthy employees who benefit from low-stress commuting
  • Company resilience by enabling work flexibility
  • Tangible benefits that improve employee retention
  • Strategies to accomplish climate action goals
  • Reduced travel and operating costs when employees meet and work remotely
  • Organizational equity by supporting sustainable commute options

What Does Flex Your Commute Offer Employees?

  • Improved work/life balance
  • Greater access to commute options
  • Freedom to turn commute time into personal time
  • Stress-free commuting
  • Reduced commute costs
  • Opportunity to reduce greenhouse gases through sustainable commuting

Flex Your Commute Pledge

This voluntary commitment encourages building a culture of commuting innovation in the workplace. Participating employers are dedicated to employee well-being, environmental health, and eliminating drive-alone commute trips.

The Flex Your Commute pledge does not fulfill the requirements of the Commuter Benefits Program, an air quality rule administered by the Air District and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

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Last Updated: 10/25/2021