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The Air District is taking steps to ensure Bay Area air quality and public health are protected while the shelter-in-place orders are in effect. Permits for businesses adjusting operations to aid in the public health response will also be expedited. Read more... | en Español

Air Quality Advisory

The Air District is issuing an air quality advisory for smoke for the far South Bay, including Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy through Monday, July 6. Beginning late Saturday, the Park Fire broke out East of Morgan Hill and air quality impacts are possible near the fire. Read more.


1998 年,加州空氣資源委員會 (CARB) 將柴油顆粒物 (PM) 確認為毒性空氣污染物 (TAC)。為了減少公眾在柴油 PM 中的暴露,CARB 已批准了一系列監管措施,影響到了在加州運行的絕大部分柴油機。灣區空氣品質管理局(空氣局)及加州的其他當地空氣品質機構應執行這些條例,也稱為「毒性物質空氣傳播控制措施」(ATCM)。針對壓縮點火 (CI) 固定發動機的 ATCM 包括對農業作業中所用柴油發動機的要求。

In 1998, the California Air Resources Board identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant. In order to reduce the public’s exposure to diesel PM, CARB has approved a number of regulatory measures affecting the vast majority of diesel engines operating in California. The Air District and other local air quality agencies throughout California are required to implement these “Airborne Toxic Control Measures,” or ATCMs.

The ATCM for Stationary Compression Ignition Engines (Sections 93115 through 93115.15, Title 17, of the California Code of Regulations) includes requirements for diesel-fueled engines used in agricultural operations.

You are required to keep your stationary agricultural diesel engine registration current as long as you operate your equipment.



The previous stationary agricultural diesel engine registration system went offline in 2016. The Air District will issue new renewal invoices to all facilities that had active registrations for stationary agricultural diesel engines at that time. To renew a stationary agricultural diesel engine registration which expired prior to 2016, please contact the .

Future renewal invoices will be sent out annually, typically 30 to 60 days before expiration.


The registration fees are set forth in Regulation 3, Schedule R. Both initial registration fee and annual renewal fee are for each engine. The Alternative Compliance Plan fee is for each plan submitted under Air District Regulation 11, Rule 17, Section 402. You will be invoiced for the annual renewal fees prior to the expiration of the registration.

Late registrations will incur a back fee equal to the annual renewal fees prorated from the effective date of registration requirements, up to a maximum of five years.

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