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Most motorists don't realize that a quick one-mile trip to the dry cleaners emits up to 70 percent as much pollution as a ten-mile excursion with several stops. If Bay Area residents could cut their cold starts by 25 percent, we could remove up to 97 tons of pollutants from the air each day. What an achievement!

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Bicycle Rack Voucher Program

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District) has developed the Bicycle Rack Voucher Program (BRVP) to provide local public agencies with access to discounted or no-cost bicycle rack equipment. The BRVP’s goal is to cost effectively reduce motor vehicle emissions by expanding availability of new bicycle parking facilities in the nine-county Bay Area. Funding for the BRVP comes from the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) Regional Fund Program.

Year 1 application period closed on 6/30/14 and the Air District is not currently accepting applications. The Year 2 application period will open in October 2014. Please check back periodically for program updates.
Funding Available
  • Only Public Agencies in the Air District's jurisdiction can apply;
  • Purchase new bicycle racks that create new bicycle parking spots
  • Awards are made in the form of Vouchers for up to $60 per bicycle parking spot created, limited to a maximum of $12,000 in total Voucher awards per applicant; and
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed for qualified equipment with Vendors who are pre-approved through the Air District's BRVP and on contract with the Air District.
BRVP Materials (Year 1)
Application Process (Year 1)
  1. Review Program Requirements, and pre-approved Vendor information;
  2. Complete the online BRVP application; and
  3. Mail a printed and signed copy of the online BRVP application to: BRVP-Strategic Incentives Division, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, 939 Ellis St. San Francisco, CA 94109. 
BRVP Approved Vendors (Year 1)

Last Updated: 8/14/2014