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The Oakland Airport energy system, activated in fall 2007, delivers approximately 1 million kilowatt hours of clean renewable energy annually in support of the airport operation. This installation will contribute to the Port of Oakland's (owner/operator of OAK) continuing commitment to obtain 20% of its electricity from renewable sources.

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Bicycle Rack Voucher Program - Year 2

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s (Air District) Bicycle Rack Voucher Program (BRVP) provides local public agencies with access to discounted or no-cost bicycle rack equipment. The BRVP’s goal is to cost effectively reduce motor vehicle emissions by expanding the availability of new bicycle parking facilities in the nine-county Bay Area. Funding for the BRVP comes from the Air District's Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) Regional Fund Program.

Application Deadline has been extended to May 22, 2015, or until all funds are exhausted, whichever occurs first.
Funding Available
  • Up to $900,000 is available to support the expansion of new bicycle parking (BRVP and e-lockers) in the Bay Area;
  • All Public Agencies in the Air District's jurisdiction are eligible to apply to the BRVP;
  • Awards are made in the form of Vouchers for up to $60 per new bicycle parking spot created, limited to a maximum of $15,000 in total Voucher awards per applicant;
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed for qualified equipment that is provided by Vendors who are on contract with the Air District.
BRVP Application Materials
Application Process
  1. Review all BRVP application materials (above).
  2. Review pre-approved Vendor information including equipment options and pricing (below).
  3. Complete a separate online BRVP application for each Vendor that your agency chooses to purchase equipment from. Note that the application provides an estimated total cost that does not include shipping costs.
  4. Upload Map and Resolution/Letter of Commitment in online application.
BRVP Approved Vendors

Last Updated: 3/3/2015