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Compliance Assistance Hotline - (415) 749-4999 - The Bay Area Air Quality Management District Compliance Assistance Hotline provides businesses with valuable assistance in understanding and complying with air quality regulations. A call to the Hotline connects you to a compliance specialist who will get you the answers you need quickly and efficiently. The specialist will answer questions about compliance for your particular operation, including applicable regulations, record keeping, permitting and more. If you need additional technical assistance, a Courtesy Site Visit by a technical advisor can be arranged.

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Transportation Fund for Clean Air

The Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) is a grant program funded by a $4 surcharge on motor vehicles registered in the Bay Area. This generates approximately $22 million per year in revenues.

TFCA provides grants to projects that implement the most cost-effective projects in the Bay Area that will decrease motor vehicle emissions, and thereby improve air quality. Projects must be consistent with the 1988 California Clean Air Act and the Bay Area Ozone Strategy.

Funding Process

TFCA funds are available through two main channels: the Regional Fund and the County Program Manager Fund. The Regional Fund receives about 60% of the TFCA revenues and is administered directly by the Air District. The Program Manager Fund receives approximately 40% of the TFCA revenues and is administered in coordination with the Bay Area's nine county congestion management agencies (CMAs).

Eligible Project Types

The TFCA program can fund a wide range of project types, including the purchase or lease of clean air vehicles; shuttle and feeder bus service to train stations; ridesharing programs to encourage carpool and transit use; bicycle facility improvements such as bike lanes, bicycle racks, and lockers; arterial management improvements to speed traffic flow on major arterials; smart growth projects; and transit information projects to enhance the availability of transit information. Projects must be conducted within the Air District's jurisdiction.

Who Can Apply?

Public agencies may apply for all project categories either directly to the Air District for Regional Funds, or to the County Program Manager Fund via the CMA in the respective county.

Non-public entities may only apply for TFCA grants to implement certain clean air vehicle projects.

Grants Mailing List

To add your name to the TFCA grants distribution list, fill out the survey at

Last Updated: 10/16/2014