Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program

Updated 11/21/2019

The Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program was developed to improve local air quality by reducing wintertime particulate matter pollution. The program provides grant funding to help lower the cost of replacing a wood-burning heating device with cleaner options.

The Winter 2017/2018 Program is now closed and no longer accepting applications. If you are interested in decommissioning or replacing your woodstove or fireplace, please sign up to receive email notifications about future wood smoke reduction programs.

Please note that, as of November 1, 2016, no wood-burning devices of any kind may be installed in new homes or buildings being constructed in the Bay Area. In addition, anyone whose sole source of heat is a wood-burning device must utilize an EPA-certified or pellet-fueled device that is registered with the Air District for an exemption from the burn ban. An open-hearth fireplace no longer qualifies for an exemption.

Application for High Wood Smoke and Highly Impacted Areas
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The program eligibility may be changed if additional funding becomes available. Residents that are not currently eligible are encouraged to sign up to receive program update notifications. The most current program materials are named “Winter 2017/2018 Program.”

Please note that from November 1 through the end of February, under the Air District's wood-burning regulation, when a Winter Spare the Air Alert has been called, burning wood, firelogs, pellets, or any other solid fuels in your fireplace, woodstove, or other wood-burning device is illegal.

Follow these links for more information on the Air District's wood-burning regulation, and instructions on how to comply.

You can also file a wood smoke complaint online.

Current Resources

Closed to New Applicants: Winter 2016/2017 Program

If you have an active Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program project from the Winter 2016/2017 Program (your project number begins with 16WS), please contact us at .

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