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The Air District is taking steps to ensure Bay Area air quality and public health are protected while the shelter-in-place orders are in effect. Permits for businesses adjusting operations to aid in the public health response will also be expedited. Read more... | en Español

Underground Tanks

Find forms and information on removing underground storage tanks or excavating contaminated soil.

The Air District regulates pollutant emissions (PDF) from soil contaminated by organic or petroleum chemical leaks or spills, and from underground storage tanks when they are removed or replaced.

If you are removing underground storage tanks or excavating contaminated soil, complete and submit the Tank Removal or Soil Excavation Notification Form (PDF) prior to beginning work.

Tank Forms

Form NameDivisionDocumenttable-mobile-only-column
Tank RemovalCompliance & EnforcementTank Removal Excavation of Contaminated Soil Notification
Tank Removal
Compliance & Enforcement

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