Mobile Vehicles and Portable Equipment

Find out how the Air District is reducing emissions from mobile vehicles and equipment in the Bay Area.

The Air District works closely with the California Air Resources Board to reduce the amount of air pollution from on- and off-road mobile sources, such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, and recreational vehicles.

Mobile Source Compliance Plan

The Air District’s Mobile Source Compliance Plan is a partnership agreement with CARB the first of its kind in the state¾that aims to enforce rules on mobile source emissions, reduce exposure to air pollutants from mobile sources, and improve air quality in Bay Area communities. The Air District has prioritized its activities based on the overall level of emissions and their impact on public health.

Idling Trucks at Bay Area Ports

Diesel particulate matter, a toxic air contaminant, is emitted from truck engines and other heavy-duty vehicles. Because this air pollutant is linked to increased rates of lung cancer and respiratory illnesses like asthma, the Air District is working with several groups to cut DPM emissions by reducing truck idling at Bay Area ports.

California marine terminal operators that process 100,000 or more containers annually must ensure that trucks do not idle or queue for more than 30 minutes while waiting to enter a terminal gate.

Air District inspectors regularly monitor truck idling and respond to idling complaints at Bay Area ports. To report idling trucks at a Bay Area port, please call the Air District’s Air Pollution Complaint Hotline.

Port of Oakland Truck Appointment System

The Port of Oakland has implemented an appointment system to reduce truck waiting times. More information is available below:

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Last Updated: 5/20/2024