Major Facility Review

Learn about the Air District’s Major Facility Review (Title V) Program, and the facilities subject to its requirements.

Major Facility Review Program

Created by Congress as an amendment to the Clean Air Act, Major Facility Review Program (Title V) requires large industrial facilities to issue a single comprehensive operating permit that shows all federal, state, and local air quality requirements. The program includes requirements to monitor emissions and make regular reports. See Air District Regulation 2, Rule 6.

Key features of the Major Facility Review process include:

  • Review of all federal, state, and local air quality requirements that apply to the facility.
  • A public notice and U.S. EPA review period. All comments must be addressed before the initial Title V permit is issued or renewed.
  • Federally enforceable requirements may also be enforced via citizen lawsuits.
  • The EPA can modify, terminate, or revoke and reissue a permit if necessary.
  • Permits must be renewed every five years with the full public notice and EPA review process.

To learn more about the program, view frequently asked questions.

Facility Criteria

Facilities subject to Major Facility Review/Title V requirements include:

  • Major Facilities – Facilities with the potential to emit pollutants equal to or greater than one or more major source thresholds.
  • Phase II Acid Rain Facilities – Electric generation facilities that combust fossil fuels and are subject to Title IV of the Clean Air Act.
  • Solid Waste Incinerator Facilities – Facilities that burn solid waste material (except hazardous waste) from commercial, industrial, or general public sources.
  • Designated Facilities – Other facilities that emit pollutants the EPA has designated as subject to the requirements of Title V.

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